How often do you condition/clean your bags?

  1. Most of the bags that I buy are leather. I keep them stuffed full of acid free tissue paper and stored in their dust bags. I know that I should condition/clean them even if I don't use them regularly, but how often? 2-3 times a year? More? Less?

    How often do you condition/clean your bags?
  2. I never have
  3. I try to do it twice a year- Spring and Fall when I change from my dark winter bags to the lighter summer bags.
  4. About once a month-- but I'm pretty anal :greengrin:
  5. i usually only condition after i notice a spot and clean them... i have two bags taht i need to condition a little more as the leather dries out from my hot apartment
  6. Couple times a year if I can
  7. Good thread! I was wondering the same thing. I recently purchased some expensive leather bags. The cheaper ones I don't really take care of because I never really use them enough and I tend to go thru them quicker.
  8. Never thought much about it, now I am going to start cleaning/conditioning regularly!
  9. yeah.. im starting to feel like a negligent bag owner hehe! i have all the conditioners, i think maybe 1-2 times a year is good for a bag that isn't used everyday.
  10. i never do im really scared to use anything except weather protector on my bags i dont want to change the color or texture of the leather
  11. never! but i should start:lecture:
  12. Ive noticed that Bbags require some moisturizing every now and then so I've applied lubriderm but that's all I've done so far. I've only been an owner less than a year though.