How Often Do You Clean Your House?

  1. I've just got done cleaning 2 levels. I am working on my last one (bedroom level):biggrin: . I try to deep clean at least once a month (bleach down the bathrooms, polish the furniture, etc.) and spot clean at least once a week.

    I've got to go back to my cleaning:wacko: .
  2. Well,I have 3 kids (well,2 kids and a husband...LOL) so I clean every day.Most of it is just picking up,dishes,etc.Stuff like bleaching down the tub I do maybe once a week.I have to sweep and swiffer my floors every day,though...I have a very furry little Yorkie! I also have a CLOTHESHORSE daughter who has more clothes than any one person needs,so I do laundry almost every day! I'm a busy Mama!
  3. I"m a clean freak, so I clean all the time. I am not as bad as I used to. In the past, I would clean everyday. Now, probably twice or three times a week.. I'm working on it :shame:
  4. I clean the house once a week, but I clean my office a few times a week.
  5. Once every three month if it needs it or not. jk I have 2 kids, three dogs and two cats, hubby and my daughter living with us I clean all the time.
  6. We have a cleaning lady that comes twice a week.
  7. Three or four times a week if I have time, if not two times a week.
  8. Oh I am so jealous! Unfortunately, I am the cleaning lady here, as well as the gardener, accountant, etc., etc.;)
  9. i live in a studio, so just once a week.
  10. not nearly often enough.:shame:
  11. I clean (dust, bathrooms)about once a week..every Sunday. But I have a little 3 y/o running around so it gets messy quick.
  12. I clean every day. Four kiddos and a husband.
  13. I clean everyday....vacuum all rooms everyday.....but DEEP clean once a week. I am a little anal about my house! My kids all clean there own rooms (12, 12, 5) and the 12 year olds are responsible for there own bathrooms. The five year old needs a little help with his room ;)
  14. I "straighten up" everyday (put away toys, do dishes, make beds), but I have a cleaning company come in once a month to do the REAL cleaning (vaccuum/bathroom/scrub down kitchen/polish furniture).
  15. I clean the bathrooms and mop the tile every couple of weeks. The bf vacuums once a week or so, and the dishes get done every day. We're pretty organized, except for the few random clothes on the bed (mostly my stuff :shame: ).