how often do you clean your closet

  1. how often do you clean your closet and get rid of thing you no longer wear
  2. Not that often ... and when I do, I hardly get rid of anything. It's mostly to plan my wardrobe for the season....
  3. I clean my closet, once in a while, or when my mom starts yelling at me becuas eit is very unorganized! No, I don't throw things, I get too sad because everything has value!
  4. Twice a year, during the change from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter.
    I always cringe when I see purchases I have never worn which end up in my giveaway pile.
  5. Twice a year: September (to get ready for fall/winter) and March (to get ready for spring/summer). I'm ruthless both times, which is why clothing doesn't usually last me long. The pieces that make it through to another season are only my very favorites. :yes:

    Funny how I only clean my closet twice a year, yet I buy new clothing all year long. :lol:
  6. Twice a year to change from F/W to S/S. And a couple times in between that to toss things I should have tossed earlier :smile:. I make a few trips to goodwill and it really adds up at tax time!
  7. At least twice a year. My closet doesn't fit everything so the off-season clothes/shoes I store elsewhere.
  8. Every 6 months whether it needs it or not! Anything I don't wear but is in good condition goes to charity.
  9. I clean mine out twice a year... I usually sell the clothes that I don't wear anymore at consignment stores, & if they don't take them, I just donate them.
  10. I also clean my closet twice a year. I find clothes that I totally forgot about and tops that still have their original tags on them. But I tend to keep most of my things unless I can't fit it anymore.
  11. at least 2x a year.

    Otherwise i try and toss something when i buy something.
    I move that item to the shelf of the cloest and if its still there when i do spring/fall cleaning it goes toa bag in the basement. If when i do cleaning again its still in the bag it gets donated.
  12. At least twice a year....things go to ebay and whatever doesn't sell goes to Goodwill.
  13. About twice a year. Sometimes, more.
  14. I keep my closet clean and organized year round so I can keep tabs on clothes I favor over others. I do a thorough cleaning and donate the clothes I no longer wear 1-2 a year.
  15. I reorganize my closet at least once ever 3 months and get rid of anything I don't like or wear or want. I am now very careful in what I purchase and have kind of a uniform look going. I only buy white tops, from T shirts to very ornate lace. Seven jeans seem to be the only jeans I love and I have added dark yoga pants. Of course now that winter is coming I will probably have to add some sweaters ( I am so NOT a winter person). I find I no longer make impulse buys and buy more classic things not the "it" item of the moment that will have no use to me in a few months. I think as I got older and perhaps wiser I realize I rather spend my money on my LV bags and have a solid wardrobe of good clothes and not feel the need to keep shopping for clothes every week like so many of my friends do.