How often do you clean out your makeup?

  1. I always knew I was a packrat...but I got some make up for my birthday, so I decided some orginization was need for my vanity.

    I realized I am not allowed to buy any new make up ! Good thing I didn't go to Sophora like I wanted to last week :shame:

    Now, I have to decide what to keep and what to throw out...

    How often do you clean out your make up?
  2. Every six months or so I do a thorough cleaning of my makeup case. I also do a quick check whenever I buy something new. Since I have so much makeup what I try to do is throw something out every time I add something new.
  3. It depends on the product...

    Mascaras I get rid of after a couple months no matter what. Lipglosses, lipsticks, pencils, foundations and other liquids I keep for about a year. Pressed powders like blushes and shadows I basically keep until they're gone.

    I go through and kind of generally reorganize everything about once a year, though.
  4. Every three months or so, I get this urge to clean out everything - clothes, books, etc - so I usually go through my makeup then too. I'm starting to think that's a little extreme though...
  5. I do a pretty decent cleaning of my makeup trunk (I :heart: Sephora) every 6 months. I make sure I dispose of lip gloss and mascara every few months as well, and tend to do the most thorough cleaning once a year.
  6. Every 6 months, everything goes...... But I only wear a few things so it is no big deal to replace them. I am now thinking of trying some new things for fall. I like to stick with one line of products. I would love to try Jo Malone makeup--they have a finishing liquid, powder and cheek stain that look great but sadly they don't sell them here in the US.
  7. I go through my makeup everynow and then, but most of the time I hardly throw out as much as I should. My makeup case is literally bulging over, thats not to mention the fact that I barely go into it because my daily essentials are in another little makeup bag. I definetly need to throw out more makeup!
  8. Every now and then. If something is sitting around for a couple of months and I hardly use it, I'll give it to someone who will use it since it's fairly new. Any longer than 6 months, I would usually throw it out if I don't use it.
  9. I only get rid of dried up mascara. As long as liquid stuff doesn't give me breakouts and powder stuff performs the same I won't throw anything away. It's money after all
  10. Hmmmm...well, I always throw out my mascara every 2-3 months whether it's dried or not.
    My lipsticks have changed before so I throw those out from time to time...but inasfar as blush and eyeshadow, those seem to hold their own for a very long time...
  11. All the time...I like to keep as few things as possible in my makeup bag. I have a very minimalistic approach when it comes to stuff in my bathroom.
  12. I throw it out as it dries up, or its gone(duh!). The stuff usually doesnt make it past the time you are supposed to throw it out anyway. I use my mascara everyday, so I usually need new mascara every 2 months anyway. Liquid foundation usually lasts me 6 months, sometimes a little longer. Powder foundation I buy about every 3-4 months. I dont really keep anything I dont use, so theres no need for me to throughly clean out everything. But I do get some disinfectant cleaner and clean my make-up caboodle(haha, remember those?) every 2 months or so. I hate to touch things and get make-up all over my fingers:push: