How OFTEN do you clean & moisturize????

  1. One of my work totes was in desperate need of moisturizing this weekend...which led me to often does everyone clean/moisturize? Do you have a regular schedule for it? Or just do it when you notice its needed???

    I tend to be a do it when I notice person...but my collection is so large my stuff gets rotated a lot...and doesn't get that dirty... Its just my work bags that really seem to need it...and since the one is the canvas and vachetta messenger...there's little to do on that one..but both my totes need it fairly often.
  2. So far I haven't cleaned/moisturized any of my Coach purses. I'll clean them when I notice that they are dirty.
  3. I moisturize every once in a while. My tobacco satchel is the worst, and whenever I do that, I try and do a few at once.
  4. you should always moisturize a leather bag as soon as you get it...helps keep the scratches at bay.

    i was carrying my pleated hobo the other day when i bought my sig. stripe cosmetics case...the girls were all like "omg your bag still looks brand new, etc. etc." (i bought it from them, so they know when i got it) i told them i moisturized as soon as I got home, and they said they wish everyone would follow that advice...keeps your bag looking new longer.
  5. With all the bags I've bought...not a single SA has ever told me to do that....
  6. im sorry, please excuse my ignorance but no wonder my leather bags always look beat up :sad:
    how do u moisturize? what stuff should i buy? thanks!
  7. You can buy coach cleaner and mouisturizer from any coach store or coach outlet, and I think any department store that sells coach. Instructions are on the bottles.
  8. ok..thanks a lot! :smile:
  9. I haven't yet but I've just started getting Coach bags in March or so.
  10. I clean/moisturize once a month. My bags look new but a lot of them are 5-6 years old. :flowers:
  11. I got the "OMG your bag still looks brand new!" last time I went into coach when I was carrying my yellow optic tote ... I didn't tell them since may I've only used it about two weeks and that's why it looks new :biggrin:
  12. Honestly, never but I don't really have any all leather bags. This makes it easier on lazy people like me ! :graucho:
  13. I clean/moisturize about once a month, as well. It has always kept my leather bags looking great. I have always used the Coach cleaner and moisturizer but I also just bought some of the Apple leather conditioner, as well. If you use the cleaner, make sure you moisturize afterward. A SA once told me that the cleaner alone will dry out the leather.

    I have 2 Coach bags - 2 large signature large hobos - they're jacquard - how do you clean that? :shrugs:
  15. oooh I dont know if i'm stupid, but i usually wash the suede parts of my coach bag with a leather shampoo.. my bf told me that i should order some coach cleaner and moisturizer.. i just said that my usual "cleaning method" works for me...:roflmfao: .. i never had a coach cleaner and moisturizer before...:sad: :shrugs: maybe now i need one? it's already starting to get dirty again...:yucky: