How often do you "cheat" on Dooney?

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  1. Since I found my first AWL bag at a thrift store I fell hard and fast for Dooney. For me, no other leather compares to Dooney leather and it's my first choice when I get the "hunger" for a new bag. However, I have cheated a few times. The ones I've cheated with are:

    The Sak/Sakroots
    Big Buddha

    I only have one of each of the above bags so 3 times isn't bad, right? ;)
  2. I cheated on Peter last month and bought two MK bags. One specchio Hamilton and one black grommet selma. I love both, but quickly changed into my violet when she came and haven't changed out of her
  3. Awesome! I forgot that I've actually cheated a few more times but since I no longer have those bags they don't count, right? lol

    They were:

    Vera Bradley x 2
    Another Coach satchel

    I tend to find a lot at thrift stores but usually give them away or sell them to consignment stores after I carry them a few times.
  4. Since I've discovered Dooney, I really fell hard too. I started selling many of my other bags because I just didn't want to carry anything but a Dooney. I still have two coach bags that I decided to keep, but don't carry too often. I purchased a Fossil leather tote in a fuschia color with brown trim that I couldn't resist because it was and amazing color and the price was too good to resist. It was $50 marked down from $199. I've been looking at some Michael Kors wristlets and bags, but I can't bring myself to make the purchase. It's probably because I still have so many Dooney's on my wish list and out of my reach. I think what keeps me focused is the value of a Dooney just can't be beat. :tender:
  5. In the past year I have purchased online and then returned a few non-Dooney bags when I saw them IRL. I do love my Dooneys and their quality is superb! I have to admit though that I have been saving to cheat on Dooney with LV :smooch:
  6. since DB isnt my true love, I would say 97% of the time
  7. I actually own more B. Makowsky bags than Dooney & Bourke.
  8. What's your love?
  9. I'm tempted to cheat on Dooney with the orYany TSV on QVC today. The nude/pink color is so pretty. I ordered an orYany before and it was just too unstructured for me so I sent it back, so I'm not sure.
  10. I want the OrYany Victoria, but QVC stopped carrying the color I want.
  11. Very often since I love many brands: Coach, Brahmin, Arcadia, etc.

  12. Have you checked eBay? I see a lot of them there.
  13. Dooney will always be my first love. But I have cheated many many times; LV, Valentino, Brahmin,
    Coach, MK......oh I have a fickle heart. But I always find my way back to Dooney:smile:. There's many more of those in my future.
  14. I see lots of awesome brands here. I love Brahmin and one day I will get one. I found a pretty orange Vince Camuto (sp?) at a thrift store but I let someone else have it.
  15. I have two favorite men in my life, Peter Dooney, and Michael Kors. They have agreed to not be jealous of the other since I'm spending too much money on both! :lol:

    But Michael has been pulling my focus lately. I've been carrying my Jet Set Chain Tote for 3 months straight, since December 6th. That is a record for me! My work tote is a Dooney O-ring shopper, or a Dooney nylon Editor's tote. My favorite is still my avatar bag, Colette. She's just vacationing in the South of My Closet until Spring. (I should say Spring weather, because I'm sure it'll still be snowing here when Spring starts!)