How often do you change your razor blades?

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  1. I change mine monthy, but I was talking to a friend that changes her every 2 weeks. How often do you change yours?
  2. I like to change every 2 weeks or so, as i find thats when the blade starts to dull
  3. I change it every 2-3 weeks.
  4. usually every week or so.
  5. Every month....
  6. I only shave every other day, so I don't have to change it that often. Usually I just eye it out. When the moisturizing strip starts to get worn out looking or the blade starts to get dull, I throw it out. I use the Gilette Daisy pink disposable razors. They're awesome! I got a free Venus razor in the mail, but I hate buying the refills all the time.
  7. When it gets to dull to use I change it, so I guess every few weeks.