How often do you change your bag?

  1. And do you change the wallet/ wristets / cases inside your bag to match every time you change the bag?
  2. oh....about once a week. And, yes, i change to a matching wallet/wristlet etc.
  3. Probably once a week, maybe less. And yeah, I change my accessories most of the time just to rotate them so none get more wear and tear than others do.
  4. I should have added - do you ever wear a bag that does not go with your outfit or do you plan your outfit and bag accordingly.
  5. i wear a bag that goes with my outfit. and my accessories (wallets and wristlet) dont necessarily have to match but most of the time they do.
  6. In my pre-Coach days, I'd wear a bag out and then toss it. Now with Coach, I change practically every day! I change with the outfit, keep all the used ones on the kitchen table and return them to their bags over the weekend. Today I changed twice - one for my work outfit and tonight for casual wear for dinner. My DH thinks I'm insane. Wallets, though, are a completely different story. I usually wear one out before getting another because I have too many cards to change out although I have been gazing more and more at some of the Coach wallets and thinking about whether I could manage a switch more often.
  7. i change my purse every few days, but my accessories or wallet.
  8. once or twice a day! WEE! and my collection isn't even that big! hehe i can't wait to expand!
  9. Usually every couple weeks.
  10. Almost everyday, it's a pain changing all of your stuff from wallet to wallet.
  11. I change my bag pretty often. I have been carrying a mia for about 2 1/2 weeks and that is weird for me. I did move out of it today though. Most of the time I change every day or so. I don't change the wallet and stuff. I bought a larger wristlet and poke alot of my stuff in there so all I have to do is move the wallet, wristlet, phone, and sunglasses. Makes life much easier.
  12. It is so interesting because the whole bag (specifically Coach so far) passion is new for me. I never had a bag that I loved and figured it was just because I was not that into bags. They'd wear out to the point of looking bad. I'd use them every day until a strap broke or they just looked too awful and I felt embarrassed using them. I'd keep a wallet for years, and no other cases, I had stuff all over the bag - total chaos - and things would get ruined as a result and I could never find anything. My friend has been a huge Coach fan for a long time and finally encouraged me to get one. And I fell in love! So how I have two bags, a skinny, a wristet, a swingpack and a zip wallet - I love all of it. It doesn't all match yet so I don't mix it all together in the Hamptons book tote. I need to add some wallets and wristlets. The swing pack is really for traveling and shopping days. So now the one everyday bag does not match everything and does not have enough accessories - so I need a couple more bags to get me through spring and summer. Now I WANT to change bags to match my outfit and I am excited about setting up my bags so they are organized and just fun to use. It seems like you all feel the same way. Coach rules!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. I love the sigs where members show their wish list and new items so I've created one myself. It took forever but I am getting the hang of it
  14. I usually switch my bags according to what I wear, where I'm going, what I'll be carrying etc but ever since I got my two Ergo Sig Totes, I've been switching back and forth between them... I have a black sig and a khaki/mahogany sig. Its the perfect shape for me!

    All of my other girls are patiently waiting for me but I can't help it... My Ergo totes are my favorite!! :love:
  15. Oh, and I do change my wallet and wristlet (if I have one to match) to match my bag when I do a bag change...

    I agree with superstar... it can be a pain to switch everything from one wallet to another... but I've gotten used to it.