How often do you change/update your wish list?

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  1. Ok, since I am a recent Coach convert, I feel like my wish list is changing like every other day! I keep discovering new bags and am like, "Oh, I want that one instead of this one!" Or, "Oh! I want this one too!". And the more pictures I see of bags here on tPF or on eBay, the more I am either wanting a certain bag more or I am become sick of seeing some bags and remove them from my 'wish list.' Does anyone else do this often too?

    What are some Coach bags that are "staple" Coach bags that you never get sick of seeing or owning?
  2. haha, I agree w/you fashionistagal... my wishlist changes probably every couple of weeks... TPF is so addicting so when you see other pics of everyone's bags, its hard not to add to your wishlist! :yahoo:One bag that I don't own yet, is the Carly, and I really want to get it no matter how many times I have seen that bag... it still is gorgeous! :drool:
  3. I go a step further. On my "my pictures" in my computer I have a wishlist with style #s etc. For the ones that haven't hit the website yet.
  4. I admit I am SO fickle!!:shame: Mine changes every other day too, so you are not alone!! I always go in and "plan" my advance PCE purchases, but by the time it's rolled around, I have either already changed that list, or already bought them. I told my SA to just ignore my "planning" until the day arrives. :smile: Just to add to my ever changing list, she always brings out new ones from the back too. It's a never ending want list!!
  5. I change my wishlist occasionally; when it stays the same for a long time it's usually because nothing new has been released for awhile.

    There are certain things that tend to stay on it for MONTHS!
  6. My wishlist used to change every other day. Now it changes maybe a couple weeks. I haven't had as much time to spend on the forum lately, so I'm not tempted by everyone else's purchases. I guess that's good for my checkbook! :nuts:
  7. Mine changes every few weeks, but I constantly check up on it to make sure that they haven't run out of the item online. Right now though there is more jewelry on there that I want than bags....
  8. Mine changes almost daily. I see other tpfs pics and then I think... hmmm I want that too!:girlsigh:
  9. I'm always changing mine... like every few days!
  10. I'm always changing mine daily. I fall in and out of love with things quickly.
  11. I agree with everyone I change mine almost every other day it seems like I can't decide on anything lol
  12. My mind changes every week. It's an indication that I am in lust and not in total love with it. Which is fine with me because who can afford everything that you're in lust with?
  13. When I first came to tPF my wishlist would change by the hour! Now I am more in-tuned with what I actually use and what works for me and which lines I like and which I don't. I love seeing other people's purchases, but I also know that many of them wouldn't be practical for me. But when the new releases for the lines I like come out, I'm in big trouble!
  14. Mine changes everytime I see someone post something new on here. Which is pretty much everyday!!! Mine is mostly accessories, wallets and sunnies.
  15. My list changes daily, if not hourly! *lol* Coach just has tons of cute things to pick from all the time.

    I have a few "staple" pieces right now: Carly, (Legacy) Ali, and (Legacy) Shoulder Bag.