How often do you change out your bag?

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How often do you carry your RM bag?

  1. Every day or almost every day

  2. 2-3 times per week

  3. Once or twice a month

  4. I don't own an RM bag so I wouldn't know

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  1. I'm just you change out your RM's to match your outfits or do you carry it for a while and change it out for another color? And how often do you change it out? Seasonally, Monthly or when you just get bored with your current lovely?
  2. Hi MugzieP -- I have an Emerald MA/Glazed Espresso Matinee and the Wine Get Away Tote. I love them all but use the Matinee for everyday (pockets are so convenient and it's neutral enough), the Emerald/Wine only when they go with what I wear, because I don't want to look funny wearing red/green or something like that hehe.

    GUNG should reply to this! I'm curious to know what would make her switch out MAMs/MAs, she has the loveliest collection here!
  3. I used to change bag everyday to match my outfit. This system has stopped after I got my cognac MAM and I have been using it straight for 10 days now. The leather is just so smooshy and soft and I can't seem to put it down. The color is also neutral and it goes with most of my outfit. :yes:
  4. I usually change out my RM's to match my outfits. However, I've been carrying my Glazed Expresso Matinee for the past month b/c its such a great neutral....BUT, as of today the GE is sleeping in her dustbag b/c I'm carrying my new NIKKI in Yellow. I love it. :love:
  5. I dont' have a basic color in RM that I use ... so I usually match with my outfits or wear a RM bag if I need it to pop against my outfit... cuz i have a wine and purple. They make a great accessory to my outfit!
  6. I know I'm committing all kinds of fashion crimes, but I usually just wear whatever bag strikes my fancy. Sometimes I'll wear one bag nonstop (lately it's been my violet Bal), other times I'll change it every day. I tend to like brighter/bolder colors for bags so they're not matchy matchy with my clothes.
  7. I confess sometimes I pick my outfits to match my bag...
  8. Me, too!!!:tup:
  9. I carry it for awhile and change, usually. But occasionally, I will change every day, if the mood strikes me! Most of my wardrobe is fairly similar colors, and my bags are mostly pretty neutral, so usually I can carry almost every bag I want with most outfits.
  10. Not very much since I found RM. I'll sometimes wear a bag for up to 2 weeks in a row! RM has become one of my favorite brands.
  11. Once I find a bag I really like I usually don't change out of it until I find something new that I really love or if there is something specific that goes with an outfit that day.
  12. Well i'm not the proud owner yet but awaiting one. I have chosen a neutral color so i'm sure its going to get lots of use.
    That being said I have a lv mini lin, and consider that to be neutral and its going to have share time with me RM.
    I am going to try and use the RM more for early spring and fall. this way the weather isnt too bad, just not sure how the leather is going to hold up(since this will be my first RM bag)
  13. I change my bags about every 5 days. However, I have been carrying my Royal MAM for about 2 weeks now.
  14. its really sporadic with me...sometimes if im in love with a bag, i use it for days on end, regardless of whether i match or not. other times, i switch depending on my mood. anything goes w/ me, i guess :]
  15. Usually I match my bags with my outfit so I change my bag daily.