How often do you change bags ?

  1. This may seem a little excessive but , I change my bag everyday. seperating weekend bags, from work bags. depending on what Im wearing. How about you ladies ?
  2. I change purses about once a week--it gives them all a chance to see the light of day without too long of a wait :P
  3. i use to change my bag according to my outfit, lately though, i only change bags on my days off and then end up carrying it til my next day off..
  4. I never really change bags...I have a set bag for each task.. like I always use my Batignolles Vertical for school, my Coach demi for grocery shopping, Coach gold dusted suede wristlet for going out in the evening.
  5. I change out every two or three weeks, and I also try to keep things fairly seasonal: spring colors in spring, fall colors in fall, etc.
  6. Usually every week, depending on the occasion/place too.
  7. i change my bag according to place..
    college (a big bag).. and if i am going out later.. i'd switch :wacko: to a small handbag
    now that i am going to work.. it'd be a big bag for work.. and then switch to any small bag if i am going out

    i hate me:Push: !! i end up forgetting some things in the other bag like my mirror or hand lotion etc..
  8. I have a general favourite work bag which may change from week to week which holds all the things I need to get me through abusy week wihtout having to think about re-locating contents. I will change bags for occasion in a day, if I have different meetings, social events or formal dinners. Isnt the whole point of collecting them so that the we are afforded the priviliged indulgence of constant change?... :smile:
  9. Well, put ;) ! I used to change bags quite frequently, but lately, I'm trying to stay with a particular bag for the entire week. It gets a little tiresome having to transfer things from one bag to the next.
  10. According to what I'm wearing. If the bag doesn't match my outfit then I will grab one that does.
  11. on a weekly basis but also depends on where I'm going too.
  12. A few times a day, depending on how many times I go out :lol:
  13. Vanille_addict, me too! I would tend to forget my moisturiser, my powder and my lip balm when I switch bags. And I hate myself for forgetting cos my face would literally flake if it doesn't have enough moisture.

    I don't really switch bags for work but I do alot of switches for weekends and holidays (depending on mood/ outfit). :nuts:
  14. It varies. Everyday to every few days to weeks.