How often do you change bags?


How often do you change bags?

  1. Less than once a week

  2. 2-3 times a week

  3. 3-4 times a week

  4. more than 5 times a week

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  1. So I am wondering how often everyone changes their bags?

    How/when do decide to change what you are using?
    * occasion?

    *just boredom?
  2. i change mostly to what i'm wearing...however if it's raining i won't use certain bags.
  3. I carry a different bag every day - it depends on the occasion and the weather.
  4. oui and i might add it also depends on my outfit :yes:
  5. depends on what I am wearing.
  6. I change mine almost daily. Mostly to coordinate with my outfit, but I'll also change depending on the weather as we move into Fall.
  7. I feel bad for my bags that don't get a lot of use! So I try and change bags daily!:nuts:
  8. I have a few that I go back to (my burberry and black coach demi)... but I tend to change based on my outfit, but also what my plans are. If I have a meeting, I'll carry a totebag big enough to put files in.
    I also have seasonal bags as well. For example, my coach patchwork Hamptons tote for the spring/summer, heaver suedes and tweeds for the fall/winter.
  9. I change my bag everyday ;) just bcos I change my outfit everyday :p according to occasion changing everyday :graucho:
    I'm always fun to think which bag I'd carry tomorrow :yahoo: and try to use them all, dont want some just stayed in my closet for long time :shrugs: I think they all wanna go with me everywhere at everytime :heart:
  10. *outfit
    *where I'm going

    Yesterday was a three purse day! One for work, one for going out to dinner with the fam and one for going to the bars!
  11. ^^^ yep, me too.

    I really wanted to carry a certain purse to school last night and they were calling for rain so I carried my purse with a plastic zip-top tote from a conference folded up inside in case it did rain.

    My boyfriend laughs at me, but if we are out somewhere & it starts raining, I either stick my purse under my shirt or leave it locked in the car.

    The sad thing is that I don't even have any designer purses and I am that picky. They are all nice quality leather (exept for the cheapies that I have specifically for foul weather) but none of them are really that expensive:nuts:
  12. don't have that many purses to change it everyday.. hehehehe.. but i change it to where I am going... if I am just gonna grocery-shop, there's no need to carry the nicer leather bags because I tend to put my bag on the cart, and we know how dirty those carts are...
  13. :yes: I'm the same way.

    If it's a new bag, i wear it for a few days straight..

    But usually, i try to do a different bag everyday.. This way, it justifies my needs of wanting more bags... LOL:sweatdrop:
  14. I change my bag almost everyday. :smile:
  15. I have a workhorse that I buy with each season. I change accordingly for going out.