How Often Do You Carry Your Gator/Croc Birkin?

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  1. I'm curous. For those of you who own a gator or croc birkin, how often do you carry it?

    Is it an every day bag - grocery store, work and play? Or does it only come out for "special" occasions.

    Tell me your story!
  2. Well alrighty.......

    Maybe no one actually carries their exotics ;)
  3. There is a very old (as in circa 2007) thread on this but I am assuming you want answers of a more recent vintage... :smile:
  4. Thanks. I'll search for that one :smile:
  5. If it's any help, I carried a Nancy Gonzalez croc tote for three years pretty much daily with no ill effects to the leather. I did pass on a croc Hermes Lindy and Birkin because I was too worried that rain and snow would just ruin the bag. If weather wasn't an issue, I'd have no problem carrying one frequently.
  6. I know my shiny croc watch band is sensitive to water -- two tiny spots after washing my hands
  7. i hv a a couple of friends who wears it daily.even grocery shopping. or hung on their strollers. im not as harsh with mine thou, only take them out on special occasions esp the shiny ones
  8. I met a woman in London at the Roger Vivier and then at the Bond St Hermes. She was carrying the most stunning matte fauve crocodile 30 cm birkin. I told her I was really afraid of wearing my matte croc bag due to the unpredictable weather in DC. She said she's worn hers in a light rain with no ill effects. But in a heavier rain she covers it up. She also said shiny croc is sensitive to weather.

    I still don't wear my bag unless I am sure of the weather.

    My Nancy Gonzalez also wears like iron, and at a much easier price point.
  9. I use my croc bags for both runnng errands and special occasions (sans kids) in good weather and door-to-door occasions (knowing I won't be exposed at outdoor / for long). Once I was waiting for taxi outside my building and a tiny tiny drop of rain fell on the back panel of my matte poussiere B - left a mark but thankfully at the border of scales!:sweatdrop:

    Vintage shiny croc seem to be able to withstand raindrops, yet it's best to wipe them out immediately, or carry an extra bag for protection in ill weather/crowded or less safe places. These croc Bs are pretty and it'll be too sad just keeping them in the closet.

    However I do have reservation in getting a croc Lindy since my 30cm clemence one always bang into walls or people :upsidedown: probably a smaller one in 26cm works better?
  10. I don't have a croc bag but glad I read this! I'll be sure no drop of water touches my KD.
  11. only on :sunshine: days

    Side note: mum has croc cc pumps and it wears beautifully...
  12. Haha! I have a gator Lindy and I take a good look outside before outing her to make sure of weather. Haven't bumped into anyone or walls with her yet ~ I'd say I am more driven by my outfit to decide if I am going to wear this bag rather than anything else.
  13. Almost every single day for my kellys and the birkins depends on what I wear. The only time I avoid using is travelling to unfamiliar places, rainy weather, gymming and beach. I have seen mums using them as mummy's bag. I prefer exotic kelly because there's less interaction between my palms and croc/gator.
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  14. can anyone speak to the difference in durability between matte versus shiny?
  15. I find that the matte crocs wear better/ are less sensitive to fickle weather conditions than the shiny crocs. My matte croc toolbox seems more hardy than her swift sister, and is certainly hardier than my shiny croc kelly! But imho :smile: bags are meant to be worn and enjoyed, and not worried over! So what if you get a scuff? It adds character! HTH