How often do you call your SA...r/o

  1. Is it bad to call your SA and ask where you're at on the waiting list? Do you just continue waiting and pray that one day Hermes will call? Call once a month or every 6 months? or never? I just want my bag already!!
  2. I just wait and hope I'll have the $$$ when they get what I'm looking for. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. i hear ya, Lieu. Do you live near the boutique so you can visit? Personally, I'd rather ask in person. If the phone is all you have, I wouldn't call more than once every 1-2 months.
  4. Thanks darling. Unfortunately I do not live near an Hermes boutique. I don't think the people around here ever heard of Hermes:smile: Anyway, all I've been doing the past couple of days is wondering if I'll ever be able to get my hands on a birkin.
  5. The SA who is now servicing me is the supervisor of the store, and she is very nice (I'd posted I had a bad experience with another SA before, which scarred me, and that experience kept me away from a H boutique for a very long time).

    She actually suggested that I call her once a month, to get an update from her. I think having met her face to face, helped. She also suggested that if I have any questions, feel free to call and ask her.

    Not too long ago, I called her everyday for 3 days. Asking her different questions everyday. Then I thought to myself, that it was so "uncool" and also fanatical. I backed off and now try to search for information online, or ask some of the experts here for opinions and advice.

    I don't wish to be in the store ... because the temptation is so great, and the SA being so sweet, makes me feel obliged to buy something!!!
  6. I'm not on any lists but what I noticed with one of my stores is that if I call often, they don't give me the time of day. Yet when they didn't hear from me for a month, they started calling me and try to get my business. It's almost like dating someone and playing mindgames to get their attention.
  7. Lieu, how long have you been waitlisting?
  8. Very Rarely, but I do pop in quite often (although I never talk about the bags I have ordered/requested, I let them bring it up).
  9. i only call whenever i'm looking for something
  10. I don't call, but I pop in every other month or so and try to drop the name of "the bag I have on order"...just to remind them.
  11. i talk to my boutigue once a week (sometimes more often if i want to know something)but this is just due to the reason that i am kind of befriended with the people there. but i never aks about my bags or inquire about other bags as i know when he has something to tell me he would have called.
  12. dont be a desperate housewife... let them call you
  13. LOL Kou, a bit like Women are from Venue, Hermes are from Mars??
  14. might work that way at Prada, but doesn't work that way at Hermes.
  15. I've been on the waiting list since last October (2005):shrugs: