How often do you buy new jeans?

  1. I LOVE buying jeans and since I wear them almost everyday to class, I feel somewhat justified spending 200+ per pair, but I can't buy them all the time. How often do you guys buy a pair of new jeans? Also, how often do you wash your jeans? I'm always afraid that the color will fade, so I wash them as minimally as possible (I know it sounds gross)
  2. i buy them twice a year.. during Macy's Friends & Family event. I'll pick up about 2-3 pairs each event and this is good enough for me since I only wear jeans twice a week on my days off from work.
  3. Oh boy...what a thread for me....I've purchased since Thanksgiving 21 pairs of Rock & Republic jeans !! (that's a little over 12 weeks ago:shame: )

    Time to sloooooooooooooooooow down with the jeans !!!!:s

    As far as washing them......when they are dirty, they get washed;)
  4. OMG! hahaha...i wish i could do that, i would go broke! btw, how are R&R jeans? do they keep their shape well?
  5. ^^^What I like the best about them is that I find the demin is thinner than other jeans. This is great for me since I live in Florida !

    They hold their shape pretty well. BUT their sizing is all over the place. Not consistent at all. I have R&Rs in 24s-26s depending on the wash. It's irritating !:push: :shame:
  6. I buy jeans probably only twice a year and I don't like to spend more than $100, because I try to buy them on sale. Lots of good discount stores with nice brands around here! I usually wear them 3, not more than 4 times before I wash them so they don't wear out too fast.
  7. Would you suggest that I go a size down when I buy them?
  8. Whenever I see a pair I like - I cannot say not to jeans!!!
    BTW - is there a jean forum too? LOL.....
  9. I wash them after 2 wears, I find that they stretch out too much any longer than that and I like it tight on my bootay!!
    I don't tend to worry about the color fading, I don't really wear much dark rinse..
  10. I only wear dark wash jeans so I try not to wash them very much. I only wash them when there's a visible stain or when it gets very stretched out. As for buying them, it's so hard to find jeans that fit well. As soon as I try on a pair that fits well, I'll get it.
  11. Usually you DO need to size down, sometimes even TWICE with R&Rs:shame: Best bet is to try them on if you can before you buy !

    And chodessa- YES !!! There are 2 jeans forums:

    I am a member of both.....quite as addiciitng as this one:p
  12. I usually buy one per month on line or eBay.I love jeans Miss Sixty,Fornarina,Nolita..........
    My last one is J& Company Beverly skinny gray.
  13. I buy a pair every three or four months usually. As for washing them, I wear them twice before doing so, and turn them inside out.
  14. omg cassidyfit -- 21?!!:nuts: sounds like an addiction...hehe
    i buy a new pair probably on average every 2-4 months. and lately, it's been nothing but true religion :love: . once i find a brand that rocks, its what i stick with!!
  15. I try to buy them 2x a year,I own a couple of pairs of denim which I wear on weekends ( I wear a uniform to school) so I dont own many pairs as I wish I could..BUT in the fall semester im going to college, so im "Forced" to have a big shopping spree!:wlae: