How often do you buy new bedding?

  1. I mean all of it .... sheets, comforters, feather beds if you have them, any type of mattress pad, etc.

    How often do you replace these items? I have a feather bed on top of my mattress that is several years old and just bought a new one and DH thinks I am loony, so I am just curious :p
  2. I kept my down comforter throughout college... 4 years... and we now use my SO's down comforter which he had throughout college... it's one of those rare items that actually *is* an "investment piece." They can last almost forever if they're of good quality.

    As for sheets... I sleep on $19 sheets from Ikea. I change them every two years, which is about everytime I move. I only like white sheets, and for me, white sheets are white sheets. I don't pay a lot for them.

    My $19 Ikea sheets have lasted two years worth of washes. Bedding isn't something I splurge on. I've heard a lot of people say that once you sleep on high threadcount sheet, you can't go back... well, I've slept over at some fancy hotels in my life with very nice sheets, but I really could not care less... the difference for me is not worth the price increase.
  3. It just depends on what it is. Sheets I replace as they wear out - or get helped out to wearing out by a kitten's claw Grrr... (two sheet sets!)... So, those get replaced about every 5-8 years depending on how they wear.

    Comforter cover I replace before they wear out because I get bored - so... about every 5 years. The feather comforter - we'll probably have for eons as it would take a lot for it to wear out... so, what, every 15 years? 20 years? Longer? The queen one we had is now my MIL's and it's 15 years old and fine... It's in a cover so not much damage can come to it.

    We have a quilt that is 8 years old and probably needs repair or replacing since some stitching has come undone. And then we have a lightweight summer blanket that we've had for 8 years and will probably have another 10 or more until he starts to wear out. (it's a handcrafted piece)

    Matress pad is 8 years old and fine. I wash it and once the elastic gives, we'll get a new one... but it's still fine.

    (Nothing is really that old since we only got a king 8 years ago. )

    Not helpful, huh? LOL

    I guess I would ask - WHY did you replace the feather topper? Just because you had it a few years or was somethign wrong with it?
  4. I really don't know, but I do know that I've never worn out a sheetset, LOL!
    I seem to just switch mine up a bunch.
  5. I agree with others as they wear out. But occassionally I will just buy new to sheets to have a couple sets so that when I change them to wash them I can just throw on clean ones right away and not wait for the others to be washed.
  6. We have two sets of regular ones and two sets of flannel ones. There is no way we are together enough to get them washed and dried and back on the bed so fast. No with covers and blankets, yes, but we aren't washing those nearly as much.
  7. My last down comforter I had for about 10 yrs. I paid about 400$ for it when I bought so I think that is why is lasted. I only changed because I went from queen size bed to a king. Also about once every 6 months I put it in the wash... I used to have a duvet cover that I washed monthly..

    As for sheets/pillow cases. I replace them when they start to get worn.
  8. That's about what we do - almost exactly and similar price on the feather duvet too.

    We all have duvets - even the little bed for our 3 year old. it allows us to turn the heat WAY down at night.
  9. Hmmm ... let's see, the feather bed my dog peed on GROSS! and I only paid $50 for it several years ago at an Eddie Bauer Outlet. I figured it would cost more to have it dry cleaned anyway so I bought a nicer one from The Company Store.
    I also bought a new down comforter with it and my reasoning here is because when I replaced the last one I bought down ALTERNATIVE and I hate it :push:
    THEN .... I also bought a new waterproof mattress pad cover :yes:

    Sheets I usually buy one new set every year when the old ones get all stretched out and don't really fit around the mattress anymore and same for the quilt I have on top, just whenever it gets faded and worn out from washing.
  10. I would then let DH use deal with the dog pee one with comments like that.

    Next thing... do you know WHY the dog peed on your bed? You don't want a repeat of that!
  11. Yes, she had a urinary infection, my poor Boxer baby :sad: She is fine now. He didn't actually CALL me loony, and I admit I DO tend to remodel/replace things more often then most people I know IRL so that is why I asked here, just wanted a broader view :p
  12. I get kind of sick of bedding, so I have 3 different comforter/quilt sets that I rotate. I am thinking of picking up a 4th at the final clearance for Linens n Things if they have anything left.

    For sheets, I have some sets that I had in college and are probably 7 years or older, once I moved out of the dorms. I keep them until they wear thin. I have had a few sets wear out.

    I wash mattress pads and when they start to get lumpy or the fabric yellows, I buy a new one.
  13. I don't have a set time. I replace them as I need to, you know, when they're ready to be used for picnics or to cover furniture...
  14. I wash sheets weekly, but change sheets sets seasonally, so my sheet sets can last a few years since they aren't used full-time until they wear out. The only requirement I have is that the sheets be 100% cotton - the poly blend ones are too scratchy, although I haven't tried the bamboo fiber sheets. Mattress pads haven't worn out nearly as rapidly since I started buying better quality ones! I used to buy the inexpensive polyester ones from discount stores, but the nice one I bought is holding up far better. I will replace it when it wears out, is no longer as cushy as it should be or if it gets lumpy.

    I try to keep the comforter neutral so it goes with a number of different sheet sets. I accessorize with a few throw pillows or a folded blanket across the foot of the bed (that is also handy to hide the electric blanket I use to keep my feet warm enough so I can sleep). I only buy new comforters when they wear out or when I want to completely change the theme of the room.
  15. I use a quilt that my mother made for us. For sheets, we use the fieldcrest ones from Target and I replace them every few years. I wish we could use a down comforter because I love them but my husband cannot sleep with one because he is so hot natured.