How often do you buy LV bags??

  1. I was wondering after reading about everyone's bags how often you purchase bags. I and 36 years old and this is only my 2nd LV bag. I have wanted an LV bag since I was 18 and went to Paris with my ex-husband. I received my 1st bag 4 years ago from my current husband and have been addicted ever since. I have 4 kids, 3 teens and a 2 year old and spend more on them than me!!! I have decided that I will purchase at least one new bag a year for myself. I may get more than that if I can find nice "gently loved" bags on ebay otherwise I will buy from the boutique myself. Do you mostly buy directly from LV or do you purchase a lot from Ebay?
  2. Hopefully 1 LV every year for me and I usually buy them from the boutique. eBay gives me too much headaches!
  3. I've been limiting myself to what I can afford, which seems to be one every few months. While I like buying from the boutique, there are some spectacular deals to be had on eBay, so I would say eBay.. but you really have to research everything just to make sure you're not going to be taken.
  4. I started collecting when I was 22. I think a bag or two every year.
  5. I get a bag or two every year as well. Usually around the time when the Spring stuff comes out.
  6. I only buy bags as a reward to myself when i've done something good. (i.e. got a new job, finish a class with an A, etc....) Not to mention xmas, bday, and all other occasions...
  7. I usually buy myself 2 bags a year, or 1 really nice one, and my mom gets me 1 for my b-day and christmas. So, about four a year, but I only purchase 2 myself. :shame: As long as their real it doesn't matter how many you have.
  8. Not often enough!! :lol:

    I've only been buying LV for a year and I have 3 purses, 1 clutch, 1 wallet, 1 make up bag, and a wapity (I'm not sure what catagory it fits into). I've also got my name on a list for the green perfo pochette. That will be it for me for a while, even though there are so many more I want.

    I always buy from the store. I'm too much of a chicken to buy LV on ebay.
  9. I say on average, I purchase an LV about 1 or 2x/yr. It's not that much b/c I make sure I like what I get. It's an investment so I'm sure to do my research. As far as Ebay, again, research is required to win an authentic bag. There are a lot of reputable sellers on Ebay. You just have to do your homework.
  10. I try to get at least one a month
  11. Up until the forum, my only purchases were the pochette (2001) and an LV agenda (2003). Since then, I've purcchased a Speedy 25 and EPI Speedy 25 (but recently sold to another forum member...yea!). I like admiring LVs, but don't feel the need to buy a lot of them (please don't shoot me for saying that). I think my next LV purchase will be the Damier Speedy.
  12. Once every 15 years or so. :lol:

    Outside of some accessories, I only have a Speedy 25, and the Babylone tote. I'm considering another bag though as well as an Epi wallet. Hopefully it won't be another 15 years. :biggrin:
  13. Not often enough! I can only afford a bag every few months if it's not a high end bag. But, if it's a high end bag I'd say once a year. Luckily I have a generous family member who hooks me up quite often.
  14. I really buy lv depending on what I if nothing is out that I'm crazy about, I just hold off, or buy another designer. I think I buy more accessories than anything lately...I think the only bag I'd get right now would be a josephine or a cabas mezzo, although I like the new blue antigua cabas.

    I buy both ways - eBay and boutiques...I don't mind buying gently used bags from reputable sellers...I've gotten awesome is worth it if you do your research.
  15. A few times a year, depending on if they have a cute bag coming out :biggrin: