how often do you buy from coach?

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  1. the guilt is starting to set in...
    november = op art chainlink maggie (6th anni gift)
    december = op art gramercy agenda (xmas gift)
    january = madison small wallet in chainlink print
    february = madison op art mini skinny in black (v'day gift)

    :wtf: does this happen to anyone else!? you look back and wonder how it is that you couldn't stay away from coach for even a month? granted, three were presents but the items belong to me and were meant for me ...i can't quite explain it. :blush: i have this weird reaction to spending money - if it's for someone else, i'll whip out the cards and cash without a care in the world; but if it's for me, i hesitate. i could spend hours in a store debating with myself over whether or not to spend the money. this goes beyond coach, this goes for something as simplistic as a book! i'm 21 and a young mom, and my BF and BFFs always reassure me that with balancing mommyhood, family life, a social life, and university, i'm entitled to nice things now and then. but four months in a row is hardly now and then :P

    which brings me to my point! - how often do you buy from coach in a year:
    miscellaneous items?
  2. hmmm...too often....I'm kinda into next years 'holidays'. Oh, and I'm officially cut off :rtr:
  3. TBH, I don't keep track of what I buy when I buy it... I don't think I would want to :Push:... my purchases are usually every month or at least every other month, whether its something small or big...
  4. I don't go a week without buying something Coach (although usually via the bay or Bonanzle.) My husband would be thrilled if those were my few purchases. I just purchased like 5 bags in the last month, not to mention accessories!!! LOL
  5. Ok I know I said it before but I'm done for a while, especially since two are on my way. I bought like three in a weeekend last month and then coming back for one more the following one. So, I will do two more reveals and that's it for some months. However, if I get one as a gift( I'm expecting valentines :smile:) I will gladly acept it.
  6. I buy like 4 bags a year, and then accessories everytime I make a trip to the store!
  7. me too...

  8. NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but... but.. i... you... dawsonville!!!!!!!!!
  9. #9 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Since joining tPF my purchasing frequency has increasingly gotten higher, at a somewhat steady pace.

    I called myself being conservative with my tax refund Coach budget (can't go crazy just because I have some extra cash on hand) but I have still purchased 5 Coach items IN THE PAST 7 DAYS! It was all stuff I (kinda) needed, though. I could have done way more damage, though, and THAT'S what's scary!

    I am on a personal BAN as of RIGHT NOW - until at least May or June :police:

  10. i noticed that since ive joined here my wish list has grown longer!!! I will buy the maggie, and either julianne or claire, and then im on a ban until like june when ill get graduation money!!
  11. For the month of January I've bought 5 bags, 3wristlets, 1 keyfob, 2 pairs of shoes(one pair should be here tomorrow!),a purse spray, and a camera case off of ebay last night! And I'M waiting on Valentines Day!!! I've been bad!!!:faint::faint:
  12. Wellllllll, I'm going to plead insanity cuz I haven't gone a week without buying something since last October. After Christmas I said no more for awhile, but somehow I have purchased 5 new bags and many accessories since then. (bad bad bad outlet coupons.....and I also had to have the black inlaid peyton tote before they were nowhere to be found ;)) I've been building a pretty solid and diverse collection the past few years and do now feel that it's complete. I even have tons of accessory sets and each bag goes with one of them, so I'm probably going to stop buying anything for quite awhile. Unless I find the perfect green bag for a steal!
  13. way too much... I need to start saving money :sad:

    I like to go every other week. I need my coach fix. It's an addiction.
  14. I buy something(s) once a month. I'm gonna try to cut back this year... we'll see how that goes!
  15. I went 5 months with no purchases, then got 3 (tba tonight with a good story)
    I'm banned...I'm saving...