How often do you buy CLs?

  1. Since I joined this forum I've learned that -- in most cases -- you have to snag your size if you see the shoes you want. Well, I've 'seen the shoe I want' about five times in the past month and Saks new inventory (around Christmas no doubt) doesn't help things.:upsidedown:

    Between Chanels and CLs I can't go on like this. :nogood: I feel a shoe ban coming on. Just curious how often all of you treat yourselves and please teach me how to fight the temptation. :roflmfao:
  2. Tiffany, I went from one CL in all of 2006 to 16 in 2007. I have noticed that I have bought at least one pair monthly since March of this year, coincidentally around the same time I became active here. It does not help that the esthetician that I go to for waxing and facials is located in downtown San Francisco within walking distance of all the CL carrying stores--Nordstrom's, Barneys, Saks and NM. I often stop by those places "to have a look," then come home with a new pair.

    Every time I am supposed to be on a ban, something comes along that I have to have. When it comes to CLs more often than not, you have to snag your size when it comes along in a style/color you want because when you snooze you lose! Fortunately for me my recent troubles have somewhat deterred me from making more purchases. Either that or common sense and my self control is kicking in. I also feel my collection is rounding out nicely and there are only a few more styles that I want to snatch up.
  3. I too have been bitten by the CL bug due to hanging around tPF as well as seeing some gorgeous styles in some magazines. One limiting factor is I do have to have some low shoes for my mom life. I generally wear heels to for work unless I have to be outside of the office. I do have my eye on some CL's in colors. You are right that if you snooze you lose, though sometimes they sell out on line then get more (the Architeks at Saks) or they also get them at the stores. I missed out on the pre-order for the fuscia simple 100's. The stores are supposed to get them in late January so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Hmm how do I answer this..


    LOL. It's true though..I buy on average about 2-3 pairs each month. I'm bad. :biggrin:
  5. Long time lover first time buyer! I agree comming on this forum fuels the passion, but that happens anytime a true shoe lover exposes herself to great shoes. Once you are hooked on CL, you are gone. My simple pumps are so special and it is not just because the soles are red, it is how well they are made and how they look and make me feel. Not many shoes just do that to you! They could make ugly legs pretty I think. I have since pre ordered a few more and will continue to grow my collection. I love seeing all the other collections and hearing advise on fit and comfort. I have always loved shoes and spent $ on them. I would rather buy one CL that I love than two others that equal the same price. Not everyone has the same taste, and many are quite happy and content doing all their shopping at payless, and that is fine it has just never been me. I love TPF because people of different ages, living all around can share their passion. Alot of my friends and co workers would never pay this much for a shoe and I would not discuss it with them, you know? If you can appreciate great quality and design in a shoe once you invest in that first pair you will want more. As long as none of us are not eating, paying the mortage or making their children go barefoot. Life's little pleasures! I have good taste and would rather spend more up front for something that will last. That's why I have driven my Lexus too death.Ok sorry that went on so long, but I had to get this out.
  6. I feel like a pair every week.
  7. I don't have that many pairs but I didn't have any a few months ago. I just put myself on a ban that includes shoes for at least a month.
  8. Its an addiction!!!
    Once you slide that shoe with that bright red sole...its all downhill after that. In the past year I bought 11 its just about a pair a month. lol I love them to death! haha TPF fuels my addiction.
    They are great shoes & well worth it though.:yahoo:
  9. I'm about every other month. I'm trying to get the "classics": my next one is the black knee high boot.

    I just snagged the black patent decolletes (IMHO, a must have for every collection, just like VPs) for $200 less than retail. The CL hunt on Ebay gets me every time.
  10. Not often enough LOL!!
  11. lol i've been quite a goodie until i lurked around this corner (i'm usually over at Chanel and sometimes Balenciaga) lol ever since i did, i got 3 pairs of CLs in about 3 - 4 months i think? but that's just fine since i didn't buy many this year, i only bought a pair early this year and my first 2 towards the end of last year and in between other shoes like YSL and BV. i see myself going to get a few more CLs until i probably get tired of the brand and try to pick other brands for variety, but until then i still have quite a few i wanna get! LOL!
  12. It depends. Sometimes I would buy 4 a week and then take a break for 2-3 weeks. Average I would say 2-3 a week.
  13. too often. Way too often.

    Every time I go on a ban, a great deal pops up on eBay for a slightly used pair of CL for around $200. Or like I got the covered heel brown suede wallis for $200 and it was brand new.

    I seriously need to go on a ban though in 2007 as I need to pay down some of my credit card debt. It's something my boyfriend keeps asking me about!
  14. Since joining hanging out in the Glass Slipper, I've purchased much too many! lol I'd like to get it down to 1-2 every season, and that's all. We'll see 'bout that though.
  15. I try to be really good and buy about one or two pairs a month, but lately I pre-ordered a few more pairs than I should have. Am definitely addicted to CLs.