How often do you buy an LV handbag and return it?

Jan 12, 2009
Usually by the time I realize it wasn't right for me, I have worn it several times, so I can't return it. So I just bite the bullet and sell it to Fashionphile or Yoogi's. I have only done this a couple times.

The majority of the time I have done a ton of research and know exactly what I want before I buy it, so there is no buyers remorse. [emoji3]


Mar 26, 2016
None of my LV purchases are impulsive buys so I do not return them. Once I leave the store with a new item, I am a 100% sure it is the one I want. Normally, I visit the store, look at the items I am interested in (beforehand I have already done my research) and then leave to drink a cup of coffee. Whilst at the cafe I reflect on the items and decide which I really like and return to LV and buy it. [emoji4]


Sep 21, 2014
2 times ,
- favorite mm ( crease on the flap)
had a very nice SA. She exchange with no problems. She just told it`s not a flaw, just normal wear and tear but she will exchange it for me. I found it weird, because most of the time it was in my closed. I have wear it not more then 10 times

- Pallas mm (Fold in the leather on the flap)
SA made a big drama scene. Told that it`s normal, natural leather....not a flaw and that they would never sell a bag with flaw. LOL ....Then she pulled out another one which was looking worse then the one i wanted to exchange..... In the whole situation I kept calm and told her I didn`t say it was a flaw, the fold just bothers me and I`d like to get a voucher. --- Oh and after I got the voucher I wanted to have a look on a Go-14 mm , she then pulled out one with scratches on the leather , so I left with no bag :smile:
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Sep 11, 2006
How often do you buy an LV handbag and decide it was the wrong handbag choice and return it? Do you feel bad bringing it back to the store?
In over 20 years of shopping with LV, I have never returned a bag or wallet (and I tend to buy them in sets) because it was the "wrong choice." I know what I like and what works for me. I don't buy a bag just because it's a new release or because everyone has/wants one (for example, I know I won't get on with the Speedy design and I don't like the Neverfull so have never bought them).

I have returned a few defective items: a monogram wallet that just ripped down one seam - after sending it away, LV said it had been a stitching defect and replaced it; a multicolore Sologne where the strap simply came away from the body of the bag - LV said it was a known defect with the early release of the bag and replaced it on the spot; the multicolore mini Speedy HL - known issues with the glue staining the white canvas a peach colour - they must have replaced this 3 times before they discontinued it and I got a store credit.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
No. I always do my research well in advance and resist buying on a whim, so there's never been a case of buyer's remorse. There has only been 2 times where the bag, despite careful consideration, didn't work out for me (Artsy and Reggia) and I sold them - the Reggia was still within the return period but I had worn it outside of the home a few times and couldn't bring myself, on an ethical level, to take it back to the store.
Sep 11, 2006
Yes I have returned a bag that didn't work out! That is why there is a return policy for this reason. We all are entitled to change of mind for one reason or another! Let's get real people!!!!
It's not a case of getting real. The poster asked if anyone had returned items because they didn't work out. I answered honestly - I haven't returned any items for that reason. I don't buy on a whim or a latest trend and never have.

There are some posters on here that have admitted to using bags out and about and then returned them and, to me, that's abusing the policy. It's like buying a dress for an event but leaving the tags on then returning the dress.

I suspect the return rate in the UK is lower than in the US because we don't get refunds for in-store purchases - you have to exchange or receive a store credit. Over here, a store has no obligation to refund on return on an in-person purchase just because you've changed your mind. Most do but not LV.


Jan 5, 2006
I agree with vernis-lover. It's just not the norm in most of Europe to return for anything other than defects (and for that, there is generally rock solid consumer laws in place to protect you) In the UK, you only have a right to return for change of mind if you purchase on line, so are not able to view the goods before purchase.

I've never returned for anything other than defect (and thinking about it, I don't think I've ever returned anything to LV because of a defect) I'm based in Europe.