how often do you buy an hermes bag?

  1. Title says it all...let's start the count:party:
  2. IRL, or in my fantasies?

    No buying schedule IRL, but in my fantasies, a week?
  3. He, he, he....well.....a few a year.....
  4. Me?

  5. 2 per year....for now;)
  6. so far this year - once every other month! haha
  7. DH & I actually made a deal where he would pay for one per year, and any others I would pay for. I have him slotted in for my SO later this year - LOL!
  8. probably 1 every 4-8 months.

    (That's about how often Grands Fonds puts out for me too)
  9. you better believe it. Worth the wait, I say.
  10. ^^Only when you wear the A$$-less barenia chaps.:graucho:
  11. personal goal is one a month....sometimes it works, sometinme it dont!
  12. I'm averaging about 1 a year.
  13. I bought one last year. but I've been slacking in selling off my other bags.

    I am going to buy my H bag a sister next year.
  14. Frequency of buying H bags has been at least 1 bag per month...:push: Sometimes 3 bags within a month:cry: ...I am trying to learn how to do 'Self-Control'...:s :sweatdrop:
  15. i ended up getting 6 last yr, and this yr.. only one so far.. maybe one more toward the end of the yr.... I am trying to be really good..