How often do you buy a new LV item?

  1. Some of you have very impressive collections. I was just wondering how long it takes to build a collection like that.

    I have LV 5 purses - my first was purchased nearly 20 years ago!

    I need to get crackin'! :biggrin:
  2. Not as often as I would like!!!:lol: I have been collecting for the last 10 years and have been pretty good (only getting a couple of pieces a year) until last week!!!:shocked: I blame PF!!!:lol: (J/K)
  3. :shame: Every month or two I want a new item. It doesn't need to be a purse, but I definitely crave a new doo-dad like a new cles, or a wallet or such. 7 items in 6 months for me. :oh::amazed: I need to slow down. :yes:

    Blaming PF along with Irene! You baddies!
  4. one every 3-5 months
  5. hmm, depends. used to be about 1-2 every month, bout have been into other designers lately............:smile:
  6. Usually 2 a year. Sometimes 1. Depends I guess.

    I usually get a purse or a purse and a sm. item as a combo gift LOL to cover my anniv. in May, Mother's Day, and my bday in June.

    Sometimes for Xmas I choose a bag or whatever.

    I'm done for the year "combo gift" came to be 5 items.:shame:

    So...LOL I don't think I'll have any LV items come Xmas. Xmas came a bit early. :graucho:
  7. I've only started collecting for about 2 years. So far, I have been buying about 2 a year :shame:
  8. Depending the item, well in fact depending the price haha and how much tiem pass after I´ve bought the last one. Now my next purchases will be accesoires, I´m looking for the Lagoon Clutch, Mono Mini digital Case and a perfo cles, so I think I´ll have them before Christmas haha!!

    don´t buy Lv as often as I would want
  9. I usually buy 6-12 LV pieces per year..I have already bought 3 this year..It depends on how much I like their collection..Some years I buy more...some less....!
  10. I buy a lot! But I buy almost everything from Ebay or boardies. So if I had to pay full price, it would probably work out to 6-8 a year. :lol: Which is still way too much.
  11. Lol..whenever I see something I like. It's been slowing down lately since I have a most everything I wanted (except the Le Fab hehe.) But now I'm getting into the older discontinued pieces (like Graffiti) so I've started back up again..then when the Fall bags come out, look out!Haha..I'm in love with that Miroir line.
    But my mom got her first bag in the late 80s, then got a couple more, but it really started up again with the Multicolore line..and its been "downhill" ever since lol. We influence each other big time.
  12. My husband laughs "TOO OFTEN". I have a serious habit and a generous hubby who also loves vuitton. We travel constantly,so I always try to get something fun from different contries. It also depends on the collection, we both loved the Murakami and were living in Japan at the time, so we went mad and got a piece from every color scheme in the cherry blossom, most of the eyes, MC in shoes, scarves, ect. I could go on but I will post photos soon. It has been about 10 years in the collecting and it consists of rare bags, shoes, jewelry, media, vip items, special store display stuff. I even have all the catalogs. I have dabbled in Gucci, I love Dior and Chanel for shoes. But If I had to choose only one, it would be Vuitton:love: :love: :love: :love:
  13. about twice a year for something big (like a bag) which is usually birthdays and christmas (so technically i'm not really the one buying those). about a couple times a year for something small too. it all depends on how finances are going and what the children are needing.
  14. for me it really depends on the bags that are out...if they are really hot then I'll get it if I have the money, otherwise I'll just check it out on eBay for a great deal.
  15. Hmmmmm....I have to really love it before I buy it. And as much as I really do love LV, there are only a few things that have come out that I really love and absolutely must get. For instance, the denim line is cute, but I'm not losing sleep over it. But if I walk in and see something that I can't live without, I get it! ;)