How often do you buy a new Chanel?

  1. Most replies I got from my last posting is: once you start your chanel collection, you will be forever hooked and addicted.

    So tell me, how often do you make a big chanel purchase? I need to prepare myself.:graucho:
  2. it seems once you get cant' stop and you get hooked. I was good and first bought earrings in Sept 06.

    Of course I was hunting for my first bag. Then I bought a purse and wallet in Nov. 06.

    Then Dec, Came the ballet flats and timeless classic clutch. After that I wanted the Chanel pearls with the two CC then those came.

    So now its February, and gasp, I've made it one month without a purchase. I was very close though but will be going to Chanel this weekend, so we shall see.
  3. im completely strung out. i have to have more chanel so much that i have abandoned all other designers and am saving 6 mons for my next Chanel bag. there are other bags i want but i want chanel more than anything right now so i am saving. the prices of the bags and my college student income dictate a chanel every 6 mons instead of a coach every 2 months or LV every 3 months
  4. Not often enough!!
  5. true.....:yes:
  6. the last 6 months I probably purchased a chanel item every week. Not necessarily a purse but maybe accessories. I was a little bored staying at home and being at the mall soothed the baby. Now I am back at work and my husband has said he doesn't want to see any chanel charges on any of my cards for a while. So hopefully, I can get something in a few months...
  7. i've gotten my first flap on jan 27th.. then my 2nd on jan 31st.. now i'm waiting for a GST..
  8. I've been addicted since I got my Chanel cambon bowler and recently just ordered a medallion tote!!!
  9. I bought my first when I was 20... I'm 22 now and I own 7. What does that average out to? About 3.5 a year! Wow, I suck at math (which is probably why I'm dating a math/econ double major).
  10. Whenever I see a bag that I just must have!
  11. I bought in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. That was 4 bags and one pair of earrings. That's more than I had planned. I guess it's a good thing I don't live close to a Chanel store or there would be more, I'm sure.

    I also feel like I'm abandoning other brands (LV and Gucci) for Chanel. It's definitely my love at the moment.
  12. Too often to keep up with my income;)
  13. ^^Me too.:roflmfao:
  14. that depends on whether I like the style....
    The last 2 bags was purchased within 1 month...have yet to see anything nice in the boutique
  15. We don't have a Chanel store in the city I live in, so that curbs my shopping a lot! It's always difficult to find the bag I want. :sad:

    I've bought two Chanel bags in the past year--so far. :graucho: I do want MORE of them!!!