How often do you buy a new bag?

  1. I personally seem to go on sprees then lay off for a while. In one month i will pick up 2 or 3 and then not buy anything for several months.

    How about you? Are you a new bag a season type or an annual ponder and pounce?
  2. I seem to just happen upon my next bag...although for the first time in a few years, I am completely satisfied with what I have, and cannot imagine another bag that I need (other than a Birkin, which I will apparently NEVER get as DH doesn't like them!!). But timewise, I would say it has been a new bag every few months for me.
  3. Helloooooooooo...

    I usually only buy bags in the Fall or Winter... summer styles just don't interest me! and I love suedes, dark colors and the look and feel of winter styles. ;)

    So for me, it's now or next Fall if I want a new bag!
  4. i used to buy a new bag every month or two (sometimes b/c they fell apart, sometimes b/c it was so trendy i was already sick of it by then). then my tastes got too expensive (and thankfully, more classic at the same time.) now i look constantly, but only buy every six months. sometimes even longer.
  5. I was buying bags like crazy all the time...not majorly expensive ones though. Now my taste has changed and I am so into LV - which obviously I can't buy like crazy. I have decided to buy 2 a year - just got a LV speedy for Christmas and I have my eye on another LV for my bday in July.
  6. When I see one I like :yes:
  7. First I find the bag, then I find the money ;)

  8. ^ Good one! Me too....First comes love...then comes marriage....!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. I limit myself to a one every couple of months. =)
  10. The past year's been an anomaly, I've bought bags like crazy, but I was obsessive. I do buy what I like, but I'm a little bored with bags now and probably will find a new obsession. Two years ago it was rugs for my house..then it was handbags..wonder what 2007 brings for me spend money on.
    Having said that, if I like a bag, I do not mind spending money on it - but what I also have learned is that if I'm patient, they go on sale and I can buy for 50% off or less..I have bought two Botkiers recently at 50% off..Bulga at 40-50% off all year... it kind of made me feel foolish for having bought others at full price... So like I said, I'm a little bored with bags and not as easily convinced to spend full price for bags...
  11. I certainly go in spurts.....I won't buy anything for 6 months, and then I find myself buying a new bag every two or 3 weeks until I stop that activity. It's insane. I average out about 7 or 9 a year.
  12. LOL exactly
  13. I wish I could buy more, but generally just a few over the course of a year. I also try my best to find sales on bags I love. I haven't been able to do internet sale hunting though, despite the deals. I need to have instant satisfaction when I finally break down and purchase a bag.
  14. I buy when I have the money to or when I'm on a shopping binge. This year, I haven't bought yet and I'm hoping to not buy until March or April. But then again, I'm going to Vegas in February so we'll see how long I can hold out. :graucho:
  15. About once a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.