how often do you buy a new bag?

  1. I am amazed by a lot of tPf'ers on here who buy a new bag every week! Im so jealous! If I could afford it I probably would tho! I only work part time, so I buy one maybe once a month or once every couple months, and I only buy at the outlet. I get my scarves at the boutique tho... often do you buy a new bag?
  2. I usually only get a new bag every couple months. Around Christmas time I got a few but that definitely is not the norm. :tup:
  3. I get one whenever I see one I like. I'm extremely picky about style and color. I'll often see a bag that makes me go "oh, that's really nice" but I only buy the bags that make me go "oh, that is gorgeous and I have to have it." So whenever one of those bags comes along, I buy it.
  4. I have to say I am amazed at how many bags some ladies buy. I am new to Coach and I have bought 3 bags since November but I am done for a while. I bought one at an outlet and the other 2 with PCE. Even though I see bags I think are cute I am asking myself "How many bags do you need girl?"For now I have enough. In fact the last bag I bought at the end of December was a medium Carly. I haven't used it yet. I think I will break it out this spring. I am trying to pay off credit card debit right now, and I am almost there. Wahoo!:yahoo:
  5. I shop, via the internet, for new bags on a regular basis but only actually purchase one about every 6 months or so. If I haven't used a bag in over a year, I try to resell it on eBay so my hubby isn't able to say "you already have too many purses". Plus, I can get at least a little money back to put toward a new purchase. And I know someone else is getting some more use out of it.
  6. I only buy bags that "wow" me... if I really like the bag and can't stand to pass it up, I'll probably get it... I've bought 2 in the past 3 months... one was COACH and one was an LP bag... they weren't cheap bags, but I had to have them... Also, if I haven't used one in quite some time, I'll sell it on eBay so I can use that money towards a new purchase...
  7. are there really people that buy a new bag a week? does coach even make that many?? haha

    ummm mom/I usually get a few things every PCE... its hard to justify a full-price purchase when we are anticipating a nice 25% off card coming
  8. Well in the month or so that I've gotten into Coach, I've bought three bags, and returned one. I'm looking to get a couple more in the next few months!

    oh and I also can't believe that some members can afford to buy so many bags!! If only I had the money!
  9. I really want to cut down to 4 a year. 1 for every PCE event. This excludes the older styles I'm looking for on eBay.
  10. I sell a bag if I buy a new one. I actually bought 3 last week but have sold bags and other things so that I can afford it! I don't think I keep anything longer than a year. I get a new wallet every year. I just sold my old coach wallet and bought the bleeker black leather clutch wallet, I love it!
  11. I used to get a bag every week or so......but then I stopped seeing bags I really liked and started getting annoyed at Coach when prices were raised (just seems like it's trying to reach a status it'll never's only Coach......)
  12. I usually buy a couple a month. Sometimes I have splurges of more. I usually don't wait until PCE and will pay full price. That's if I really must have it. Lately I have gone a little crazy with accessories. I've been to an Outlet 3 times since January 2 and have bought things just to buy them. So I will stick to full price stores unless it is for accessories. Oh and I love to find stuff on eBay.
  13. I've been going somewhat crazy with my shopping lately! Generally, I go quite a while between bag purchases, but in the past month, I've picked up several purses and accessories (loving the Heritage line). All in all, I probably average 6 bags a year.
  14. In the past, I would buy either 1 or 2 bags a month - not including PCE's (during PCE's I'd go a bit nuts and buy as much as I can). But for this new year's resolution, I've given myself limits to only buy 1 bag per PCE and/or if I sell a bag then I'll buy a new bag with that money. We'll see how long I last with this. *lol*
  15. Since joining TPF last october i have bought 3 coach bags- i need to slow down! My boyfriend and I just booked an expensive cruise for may (walked into the travel agents office w/ one idea in mind, left booking something 2x as expensive- whoppsie!!!) ... but i have pce and i really want to use it!!! :s ahhh i dont know what to do!