How often do you buy a Coach bag?

  1. What's your average time period between buying a bag? a week? a month? a year?

    For me, my mom has kept it to every two to three years.
    (I get a new bag Summer of '09!)
  2. It's not a time period for me... I buy one when I see one I want. The last one I wanted was the denim Carly and I got it. *lol* I haven't seen one I really want since then - yet.
  3. It's all about when I have the money to do so...I only own two Coach bags. One I got in February (??) and the other in August. I have a few more accessories...some though that I have gotten as gifts, others that I bought on my own. Just depends on when the cash cow is more productive, I guess!
  4. I usally get one every new season. So about 4-5 bags a year.
  5. since last September I have purchased 5 bags, a wristlet and 2 mini skinnies.
    I plan on buying a large Carly..and when I hit the outlet in November maybe pick up a wristlet or a cosmetic bag.
  6. well, in 2007, i bought myself a large soho flap, and a hamptons swingpack. my mom also bought me a chelsea from the outlet. now i m in saving mode.
  7. For me, it depends upon what I need and what styles are available. I didn't buy any Coach for years after carrying it, and when the legacy 06 styles hit, I picked up a couple because I loved them so much. Then I started getting PCE invites, so I ended up with a few more bags.

    After this PCE, I won't be buying anything for thte for the forseeable future because I think I've got what I love and what works.

    Of course, with all the new styles coming out, I may have to just ban myself from tpf for awhile so I don't know what I'm missing!
  8. I buy when:

    a. I have the money (which isn't that often!)
    b. I see something I love
    c. I have PCE (it's like a sickness-I have to feel like I'm getting a deal!)

    All those things need to come together for me in order to buy a bag at boutique. Now outlet and eBay is another matter altogether. And don't even get me started on accessories and shoes :nogood:
  9. whenever my mom buys me one. i get them for school, and a lot for occasions such as christmas and my birthday, etc. but she buys me a ton of coach accessories throughout the year especially since we go to the coach outlet so much ( 2hrs from me in orlando.. we're always in orlando!)
  10. I aim for one every summer, be it something small like a wristlet or a large bag depending on money. This coming summer I'll hopefully be moving far away from home on my own, so who knows if I'll buy anything from coach!
  11. I have only been collecting coach since I went to San Juan on vacation with my family in June. I bought a coat, hat, hamptons pink scribble tote, and two pouches. Then in June my fiance bought me a hampton vinyl tote and I bought myself a denim demi carly, In August I was about to buy a chcocolate medium carly (literally that day!) and my mom suprised me with it as a gift on my bed :smile:...Thanks mom :smile:.....

    Somewhere in between their I managed to buy two pairs of tennis shoes, a ponytail scarf, an oblong blue scribble scarf, a lion keyfob, a small charm keyfob, a red leather snap keyfob, and am about to buy a flower charm.

    Oh yes.. and a hamptons small signature wristlet.

    I just now realized how much I have bought lately, WOW!! I am feeling guilty.

    I dont have a specific amount of time that I wait, but when I can afford something that I TRULY want.
  12. I usually buy one a year but since I found this website I have purchased 4 bags and the year isn't even over yet! Thanks tpf! lol.
  13. I haven't bought one in ages only cause I'm having trouble finding any that speak to me. Last year it was a new one every 2-3 months whenever one came out I had to have. I'm hoping they'll make more styles that I can't live without again. My coach SA keeps calling so sweet but keep saying sorry nothing I like:crybaby:
  14. Basically if I have the funds and I love it I get it. Could be once every couple of weeks, once a month etc.
  15. So far its been one every 23 years! Haha. I bought my first a few months ago so I'm trying to be good for awhile- we're still working on getting our first apartment fully furnished and decorated so that's been taking priority. But I plan to have saved up enough for my next one soon- I really want the carly!