How often do you brush your pet's teeth?

  1. I'm going to try to get started with the dogs and make it a habit. Do you brush your pet's teeth? Is it a chore, or is it fun?
  2. Do you have large or small dogs? I find with large breeds that bones keep their teeth really clean without need for brushing. Smaller dogs, well the ones I've had, don't seem to be helped as much by bones.
    My papillon has passed on but I used to brush her teeth with a pet toothbrush and toothpaste one a week, or fortnight. It is easy and does not bother them. It's important not to use human toothpaste as it is not meant to be swallowed in large quantities and dogs don't rinse and spit.;) I now do my three ragdoll kitties teeth as well.
  3. I had been trying to brush my dog's teeth every night but it got so frustrating. Her mouth is so tiny and she hates it. She gets a dental cleaning once a year and I get nervous every time. they always have to pull teeth and she gets bad buildup on them. She doesn't like to chew on bones or toys so I think that contributes to the problem.
  4. Zophie, my three dogs are like yours in that they don't like me to brush their teeth. I used to buy OraVet toothpaste from the vet's office, but I quit doing that as my babies just wouldn't cooperate.

    One of my dogs develops tartar really quickly so she has a dental cleaning at the vet's every six months. My other two dogs have their professional cleanings once a year.
  5. It's a chore. I hate doing it because they have such small mouths and they wiggle and squirm the entire time that I really don't think it does much of anything. The brush that came with my dog toothpaste was also too huge, so I bought them a Hello Kitty baby toothbrush that is much smaller and softer.
  6. I try to brush my Chi's teeth once a week but it's a pain because he has such a small mouth & I can't find a toothbrush small enough. He's always chewing bones so his teeth don't get much buildup on them.
  7. I try to brush my doxie's teeth once a week. but its kinda hard because he doesnt like it and keep moving. I started to brush his teeth when he was around 1 yr old, so maybe if u start doing it when ur dog is still a baby may not be as hard since he'll get used of it.
  8. i brush my chi's teeth maybe once a month. its so hard to get in their little mouths.
  9. I have gotten out of the habit of brushing me dogs teeth :: shame on me :: But I recently bought tooth brushes and tooth paste for them and plan on getting back on a schedule of brushing every week. I find that they love the taste of the beef toothpaste lol, so it makes it pretty easy to brush their teeth. Good luck!
  10. I have tried it too, and both my doxies hate it! Then when I go to the vet, the vet, who is a very serious Japanese man gets mad and says "you have to brush teeth and clean ears"!!! He scares me, cause I know he is thinking "lazy roundeye". For those who have the cleaning done by the vet, do they use anethestic?
  11. Our older dachshund won't let us brush his. His breath is tart. It's horrible. I don't know how he can make such smells. We just got a new puppy this weekend. I'm gonna start him out early, getting used to getting his mouth cleaned.
  12. I brush my mini schnauzer's teeth every three days or whenever he starts having bad breath. My dog enjoys brushing his teeth because most likely, he thinks that the doggie toothpaste I use is food ( I use chicken flavored dog toothpaste). Funny thing is that he starts licking his lips whenever he sees me holding his brush and toothpaste.
  13. My dogs breath smelled really bad one time and I took toothpaste + my finger and did a quick brush. :p
  14. I brush Mr. Z's teeth daily. He wiggles when I do it, but he needs it done.

    Poultry toothpaste? Is that made by Petrodex?
  15. everyday....