How often do you brush your furbabies teeth?

  1. Hey everyone! I just bought a tube of toothpaste for the dogs, and it came out to a little more than $10.00:wtf:. I go through a tube pretty quick(about every 3 months or so), I brush their teeth every week-Im wondering if Im brushing too often??
    How often do you brush your baby's teeth?
    And another thing, I don every remember spending $10.00(thats almost a bag of food!) on a tube of toothpaste for them! I got it at Petco, where I always get it. Where do you get yours and how much do you spend??
  2. Yeah, it is pretty expensive. I usually buy mine for about the same price, and it comes with a toothbrush, fingerbrush, and toothpaste. I try to brush my cat's teeth at least once a week, I would love to try to brush them a few times a week. And starting this December, she will be getting yearly professional teeth cleanings at the vet.
  3. Try for less expensive products (I purchse some of my shop stock from there).

    With small dogs they require more regular brushings than larger dogs (jaw strength diff). If what you are doing is working for your pups, then I say continue! 10 bucks every three months is much less $$ than a dentistry, and less worry than anesthetic... you be doin' great girl!! :biggrin:
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  5. I have a chihuahua mix and I try to brush his teeth weekly (and he hates it). I only feed him dry food and hard treats, which my vet says is better. asark is right, smaller dogs get buildup more quickly. I used to take him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned but I hated that they'd put him under for that, so I started having a "no anesthesia" teeth cleaner person do it. It's more expensive but she's basically a hygienist for dogs and she gets his teeth just as clean.
  6. never. i asked my vet about it when we first adopted lily. she said if you're feeding them crunchy food and treats, tartar rarely becomes a problem until very old age.....and at that point, they'll probably have problems whether you brush or not (think older people and their teeth). actually with crunchy treats/foods and greenies, lily's moderate teeth problems went away without needing any teeth cleaning by the vet.

    ETA: lily is obviously bigger than your babies....i didn't know there was a difference relative to size. maybe ask your own vet?
  7. Ok, I figured out why the toothpaste was more expensive then the other times...I got the all natural stuff instead of the beef flavored stuff! I guess it better for them, but they hate it(they LIKE the beef flavored stuff!) lmao. Oh well, it does its purpose. I will not even look for the stuff I used to use, this toothpaste seems to make their breath smell MUCH better. And yes-$10.00 is much less than a vet visit!

    asark: Thanks for that website! Everything is much cheaper.

    I guess Im not brushing too often, yay! Ill keep doin' what Im doin':smile:
  8. Last year when I took Mariah the vet said she was getting older and I need to start brushing more often(I was brushing once a month then). But she didnt tell me exactly how often, so I took it to once a week. It seems like most others here are brushing once a week, so Ill continue with that since her teeth seems to be clean.
    asark did mention different size dogs require different brushing, and obviously with your dog, some need none at all!
  9. The larger the dog generally the stronger the jaw muscles. This means that chewing on things has more effect on helping remove tarter from teeth.

    A personal example is how our shepX (65lbs) and poodleX (25lbs) never have had any dental issues, and their teeth were never brushed. My dachshund who is 12lbs had his first dentistry this year (@ 6yrs old), but I have been flicking tarter off my 8lb doxie's teeth since she was 1.5yrs old, and she will require a dentistry in the next year or so.

    Besides these personal examples, I work with dogs daily and see HUGE correlation between size and dental state. In addition this is a huge factor that is considered when attempting to age a dog. I do this often with my rescue and cruelty work.
  10. this is why i :heart: tPF! i learn new things every day that i didn't even know i needed to know. :smile:
  11. ^^totally! I had no idea there was a difference either!

    Now I know when we get a big dog(in the next few months) we wont have to brush her teeth nearly as often, if we do at all!
  12. I just wanted to chime in here about dog size and brushing teeth. I never knew that there was a difference! I'm glad I learned that.
    I am no expert, I just know a good amount of information on pet health due to my reading and researching, etc. I want to add that even if you do have a bigger dog, I wouldn't not just brush their teeth at all. Brushing at least once a week is great, but with this new information about dog size and oral hygiene, I would personally brush the larger dog's teeth at least once every two weeks, then. I still feel that tartar and bacteria can build up as the years go on, and that is just setting the stage for it all to get into the gums and resulting in further, potentially serious health problems.
    I really recommend brushing any pet's teeth at least some time, once a month even, at least if their oral hygiene is kept up.
    Those are just my thoughts, I just worry that not brushing your pet's teeth might be harmful later on. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your pet's health. It only takes about a minute or two to brush your pet's teeth, and then they are good to go until next time. Plus, I am sure they probably enjoy that just-brushed feeling! :flowers:
  13. I just recieved a recall notice from the company I posted earlier stating that their Top Performance brand ProDental in Mint and Beef flavor kits were recalled due to the possibility of their containing diethylene glycol.

    Just in the process of calling some clients now to tell them...
  14. Does anyone know how often cats' teeth should be brushed?

    I brush my cat's every month or so, is that often enough?
  15. I have tried so many times to brush my dog's teeth and it just got so frustrating. she hates it so much and her mouth is so small it hardly seemed to make a difference.