How Often do you Back Up your Computer?

  1. That very topic was the source of a terrible arguement between me & the BF.

    I back up like once a year. He got pissed because he says if my comptuer crashes, he's the one the lucky one who gets to fix it, so I'd better be backing up all the time.

    Do you back up as often as you should?
  2. I have no idea what that means! I guess I should do it but I don't!
  3. I sit and look at my backup drive every day, and think "I really need to set this thing up properly." It's a firewire drive, but for whatever reason my iMac ignores it, so when I back up files I do it THROUGH my PC, as an external drive to the PC. I don't have a backup scheme setup, so I know I'm asking for trouble.

    At work I backed up my files every day. *sigh*
  4. Never.

    I do back up files, photos and such, but I never do a complete system backup. I probably should, but if something were to happen where I needed to reinstall everything, the most important things that I need are on an external hard drive.

  5. same for me...only important things get backed up - music, photos ... :graucho:
  6. ^Same here!
  7. sytem does it automatically everyday
  8. I only backup files and rely on IBM to send me recovery cds. I also keep the original cds for programs like DSL, etc. and reinstall.
  9. Same here. I back up my files, etc, onto a 1GB flash drive (aka pen drive aka thumb drive).

    I keep the pen drive near the front door so I could easily grab it in case of fire. My whole home-based business in on that little pen drive!
  10. never...
    all my work is in my work laptop that is backed up automatically....
    i personally have nothing that is important enough for me to back up.....
  11. Never do a complete system backup anymore, but I back up documents, photos and music to mu 160GB external hard drive once a month. It's easy for me to remember to do because I often share this stuff among the other computers in my house.
  12. Not enough! I do a full back-up probably once every year or so. When I had a lot of college work I'd always copy those documents as I created them to be on the safe side. Now my pc doesn't really contain anything too important so I don't bother quite so much. My Dad does his religiously though.
  13. At work, I back up my files every day. At home, I back up my files every week...but I back my WHOLE computer up every month!
  14. As a computer tech, I backup only my documents, music, videos, photos, etc. I do that pretty regularly on an external hard drive. I also store all my photos on line. I've had to "restore" so many people's important files that I know what a headache it can be if they are lost. So yes, backup, backup, and backup some more! (Then bury the backup in a waterproof safe in the backyard), lol!
  15. Well, the really important stuff (my work) I transfer to an external drive every day. As far as stuff like pictures, I'll transfer it over every so often.

    Once my work is turned in to the firm I work for they back it up on their system too.