How often do y'all shop for Fendis and other luxury bags??

  1. Hi y'all! I'm a new member from Norway and I'm soooo happy to have found this forum :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I recently bought my first spy bag in black, and right after my purchase I kind of felt really weird spendig soooo much money on one bag!!!! But it's totally worth it!!! I'm totally in love with my spy bag!!

    I've read in some of the threads that some of you gals have more than one spy.... so my qustions is.... just out of curiosity.... how often do y'all buy luxury bags? I graduated from uni two yrs. ago and working in the public sector does not make me rich (monthly net salary is 2700 usd).... but my hubby who is a pilot takes home all the "c'ching" ;)
    So tell me girls... is everyone here loaded with lotsa cash, or are there other "average" joes and janes here like me :smile: :upsidedown:
  2. Hi...welcome to the PF!!! Here you will find tons of average joes and well as some not so average ones...and every once in a while, a plain old crazy one!!! Have fun...and enjoy your SPY...I love mine!!!
  3. I'm an average Jane, I guess. I have yet to purchase my first spy but it's on my list for sure. Welcome.
  4. i feel the same way when i purchased my first luxury bags! i rmb it was the gucci tote bag.yeah...i did feel like spending too much on A BAG! but i luved it anyway =Pwell,i dont often buy the luxury bags,bcuz i still have to use my parents' money,still a student :smile: so yea i have to think carefully before buying any bags...i have to make sure im truly in luv with it and can use it for long time.....!
  5. My going rate is a luxury bag every 2 mths... husband brings in all the money for family expenses... I just use the $$$ I earn. Being an investment banker helps... I look at my bag purchases as rewards for putting up with :censor:#$^#& at work.:supacool:
  6. Wow lucidbabe! Are u the i-banker or your hubby? Anyway, I'm pretty sure it helps a LOT! ;) I used to dream of becoming an investment banker myself, but AMORE and destiny wanted something else for me ;) I'm pretty happy about being able to use almost all my salary on myself too :smile:

    Cheers to all you purse-a-holics!
  7. I guess I fall into the "average jane" category!:lol: I shop for bags depending on how the business does! This year it's been pretty good so it's been raining purses for me!!!:graucho:
  8. Another average Jane here with a not so average appetite for fashion. But that's my only extravagance. And I have no kids, so not having to save for college tends to free up some cashola.

    I want to say also that you sound adorable in your post. I know you're from Norway, but I can't help but read your post in a Texas twang! Very cute.:tender:
  9. I try to limit it to one-two a year. I feel too guilty. :blush: The rest of the time I look and drool on websites like the pf.