How Often Do U Go Shopping

  1. how often do you guys shop for clothes and where is your favorite place to shop
  2. Saks. I'm there every couple of weeks.
  3. great store have alot of quality clothing and handbags
  4. IRL, Nordstrom. I'm there every couple of weeks.

    Online: BG, NM, elux! I'm "there" more than I'd like to admit :angel: :whistle:
  5. I go shopping...too much for my own good! Sometimes I stop by the mall 3 times in a week! My favorite place to shop at is Nordstroms.
  6. H&M is my favorite place to shop because I work there and I get a discount. Also, I scope out what I like everyday so I guess it's like I shop everyday. I only do a full shopping day once or twice a week though.
  7. Whenever my bank account allows me to...
  8. I'm not a label snob, so I go everywhere from Bebe, to Saks, to Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, TJ MAXX, Macys, Loehmanns, Marshalls-- I've gotten a ton of Escada fragrances at TJ MAXX.
  9. OH! I also like to shop online!! Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Venus Swimwear (and clothing).
  10. I usually buy something a couple times a week (yikes!!!).

    My favorite is Holt Renfrew and Aritzia!!
  11. If I am in the mood, I would go shopping 3 to 4 times a week. But sometimes, I can go without it for a whole month! I don't necessary have to BUY something. I am sometimes happy just to try things on and browse. It just relaxes me when I am stress :yes: My fiance doesn't understand why it relaxes me since he thinks exercise is the only thing that can do that! :Push:

    But with the internet nowadays, I feel that I am shopping everyday!! eBay, craigslist, here, other forums, etc. :sweatdrop:

    My favorite stores are Holt Renfrew, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, Willisam Sonoma, Zara & H&M. :love:
  12. I used to go shopping very often. Every week or two I would go to the mall to see what was new and usually ended up buying something. I usually stopped at Macy's, JC Penny, Charlotte Rousse, Target, Mervyn's, etc. I haven't been shopping in awhile though-almost two months I think!
  13. Pretty much every day!!! Here in HK...if you walk out on the street you are shopping...even if you don't intend too!! There are just stores everywhere.....I am not always buying though. If I am stressed out...I will take an hour just to browse (and sometimes buy)....I would much rather spend $50 on a new top, or some lip gloss...than a massage.
  14. I shop online almost everyday but I very rarely buy--probably less than once a month, more during summer sales and Christmas, etc
  15. 2-3x a week either cosmetics, clothes and jeans.... i love lacoste poloshirts(yes..:yahoo: ) i love topshop(it's so affordable and fab:nuts: ..) diesel jeans, and forever21(my most recommended shop:love: )