how often do u change bags?

  1. how often do u switch ur bag? is it alwsys Coach? do u rotate btwn a few or a whole collection?

    i used to switch bags basically everyday then used the same bag (horror of horrors!) for about 7 months until it all but broke on me!
  2. Lately, I haven't been changing out my bags at all, I'm stuck in a Mandy rut....but I like it. Before Mandy, I would change out depending on what color I was wearing. Soon it will be fall and I will put her away till next Spring. I do have other bags, like Dooney and Bourke, but I rarely use them since becoming Coach obsessed. :p
  3. I try to rotate every week to 2 weeks. I have mostly Coach, but a couple of bbags, a Cole Hann and a Kooba, so I try to give everyone a turn. When a bag is new, I will usually use it for a bit longer than that just to give it some "time in the spotlight".

    I also have a couple of small bags I only use for evenings out.
  4. I only have Coach now (sold old Dooneys to buy more Coach!) Last year I had one Coach tote (pictured on left) that I loved and used her EVERYDAY for 11 months (yep, you read that right) since June's PCE and actively joining this forum, I now own several bags and the girls here have opened my eyes:shocked: to the different styles and colors available. So, I am currently rotating BUT looking for a good everyday bag. When I have her, I'll probably only rotate if a certain bag would look amazing with a certain outfit. will be my standby everyday girl for everyday. tee hee :upsidedown:
  5. Everyday!
    Depends on:
    1. What shoes I am wearing
    2. For work or going out
    3. Size of the wallet I am using! (i.e if I am using my checkbook wallet I can only use bigger bags)
  6. I usually switch out my bags every other day. What bag I use primarily depends on what I will be doing that day and what I will need to bring to work. I was switching out COACH bags last week and now I'm switching out LV bags, but my COACH bags are calling out for me again!
  7. I change bags almost every day and I shamelessly have no loyalty to any particular designer. I do have a lot of Coach but I could never just carry all Coach or anyone else for that matter. Part of this is to coordinate with my outfit and sometimes it's due to the weather (I wouldn't carry an open top tote in the rain for example).

    However...lately is the exception as I am unemployed and job hunting fulltime! SO, my interview bag of choice is my black leather Ali!
  8. I usually switch out every 2-3 weeks.... I use my swingpack when i'm with the kids mostly... I use my legacy satchel when i go out with dh... I also have an LV and a Cole Haan that I use sometimes... but mostly i use a coach...
  9. Too much work to do it everyday. I have a Carly in all sizes and I switch depending on how much I need to caryy that day. =)
  10. It depends on my outfit, so everyday really. Sometimes I go two weeks with the same bag, but never more than that. I always seem to stick with my Coach bags though lol.
  11. I used to switch bags every two weeks and I did it religiously. At some point, however, I stopped doing that and now I change whenever the mood strikes me. There is no way I could or would switch bags everyday. Even though I don't carry very much it seems like way too much work.
  12. I change bags about once a month on average. Depending on what is going on in my life I may change more often. Example: Taking the nephew out of town, then I would change into a more casual bag.
  13. I usually switch bags everday! im very picky with matching my outfit :yes: im selling 3 or 4 bags from my collection (to support my coach/lv love!) and so now i switch between my coach, burberry, dooney, and juicy!
  14. I usually change bags as our seasons in NY change. Right now I am using my signature striped denim tote. Come winter I will use my chocolate Carly, a SAHM, I dont have time to change bags as often as I would like, so my beautiful bags wind up sitting in my closet....
  15. I switch bags according to outfits, mơod, weather, and seasons (4 seasons in California here). But I try to rotate bags every couple weeks or so. I use lighter, more colorful bags during the summer and darker colored bags during the winter.