How often do the make new designs of men's wallets?


Nov 28, 2006
Walking distance to Rodeo Drive
My husband really would like a Damier wallet. The problem is he insists that it have a ID window. They make one that has that but it has a coin compartment which he hates. I know they make an AMAZING leather wallet that is perfect that he loves but he is really hard on his wallets and every leather wallet he has ever had looks like crap a few months later. The only one that has held up well is his Coach signature. So that is why I thought the Damier would be perfect.


Jan 30, 2007
I own a wallet, reference# M60930, that has an I.D. window with credit card slots. The wallet is made of classic monogram rather than Damier but I'm sure you can ask your SA if it is available.