How often do Bluefly have extra 10% discounts on everything?

  1. I'm eyeing off another Chloe handbag :nuts: but would rather wait until they're offering an extra 10% off. I missed one last week.

    How often do they have these "add an extra 10% off" days?

    Anyone know when the next is likely to happen?

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. They're doing the extra 15% off of handbags today. Usually around holidays, they run these specials.
  3. on everything not sure. i ams signed up for their email list and i get deals almost everyday. and at least once a week clothing, accessories or handbags are running a 10% off special.
  4. Oh damn....I missed it! :cursing: I didn't get a chance to be online at all yesterday!!! :tdown:
  5. I signed up about a month ago, but never receive any emails from them. :crybaby:
  6. me too... they never send any emails about the special sails. so lazy...
  7. ^^^You have to edit your profile and click the box for emails or you won't get them...
  8. The problem (at least with Gucci bags) it seems like they remove a lot of their stuff on the extra % days.
  9. Bluefly runs a sitewide 10% off about once a month, but they will take down a lot of their best-selling, high-margin merchandise for the days they have 15% and 10% off promotions. For example, the Bottega Veneta, Gucci, YSL, and other high-end designer inventory will be very limited.
  10. Doesn't matter now......I just scored the bag I wanted from Nordies for 60% off!!! :yahoo: That's $720 for a $1800 bag, much cheaper than Bluefly! :graucho:
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