How Often Are You Aware Of Your Posture ?

  1. How often are you aware of your posture? The quality of your breathing?

    Do you think it is possible to improve posture without exercise?
  2. You could maybe improve on posture without exercise if you were constantly conscious of it all the time, but it is nearly impossible or very hard to do.

    With exercise, your posture improves "on its own" basically because of the strengthening & elongating of the muscles.

    Just what I think :idea:
  3. i also, like crowgal, think you can improve your posture if you are constantly aware of it, but that would be so annoying haha.
  4. I dunno, I do pilates, lift weights, do sit-ups, yoga, and have for years, and I have horrible posture. I have a theory that taller people always have worse posture then shorter people because they are always looking up and we are always slouching down. aha! Does that even make any sense? I've had a long day.
  5. I think if you're conscious of your posture and always correcting yourself, then soon it will just become a habit to have good posture. Excercising often will probably help with that.
  6. As a physical therapist, I would say exercise and stretching can improve posture unless you have some underlying bony deformity, like severe curvature of the spine.
    Usually people have tight pectoreals in the front causing rounded shoulders and weak muscles in the upper back.
    I am aware of posture, everyday at work, LOL!
  7. At my job we have ergonomic workstations that we can adjust/raise/lower so we can sit or stand while at the computers and that makes me quite aware of my posture. At home though, i'm a terrible sloucher.

    I think that you'd have to be very conscious at all times in order to improve posture or breathing without exercise and it'll still be a challenge.
  8. I'm only aware of my posture when family members slap my back and tell me to sit up straight and not slouch. :lol: Otherwise, I have bad posture.
  9. i've played the violin and viola for years, and you have to have perfect posture while playing and practicing or you sound horrible, so my posture has improved that way. i sit up straight, on the edge of my chair, when i'm at a table or desk. i walk with my shoulders back and hips tucked under. if you don't make it a habit to do it all the time, it hurts REALLY badly during long practice, so you just get used to it!
  10. LOL - That's me too!
  11. Great question....since I have lost weight I have noticed my posture can be bad...I am very aware that Im forever repositioning myself. Im stronger than I have been in years, and as much as I exercise..Im always aware of or out of the gym. I dont know, I feel like a woman possessed. Always checking my posture, and every damn bite I eat I think okay...just a yourself..or one more rep...breathe through it (at the gym) lol...damn! I just want to sit down all slouched over and have some tacos and margaritas!! AND ENJOY IT!! HA:nuts:
  12. Since I started doing Forrest Yoga I have become more aware of my posture. Her yoga (and my instructor) are very position conscious and are constantly emphasizing correct posture and opening your chest and back. I think the chest openers we do help immensely because once you realize that hunched over feeling you know how to get into the correct position.

    Many people have commented on my posture since I've been doing her style of yoga. Also one woman who is 70 and is in a beginner class "grew" 3/4 of an inch in a year. There were many positions she couldn't do but the instructor helped her modify them and she kept plugging away. She went in for her annual exam and the doctor was amazed. I'm sure she didn't really grow but her spine became more aligned.

    I think it is something we have to consciously work on for the rest of our life because gravity and age are working against us!
  13. Woo Hoo! Another string player at tPF!! And I was about to post almost the same thing, Amanda. :nuts:

    I never was a sloucher, but when I took up the violin 12 years ago and shortly after that started playing in seated group settings, it really does make you sit tall, walk tall and constantly are aware of your posture.

    PS-My daughter's name is Amanda. How ironic is that? :yes:
  14. wow cool Amanda. :nuts:
  15. Since my desk is ergonomically incorrect, i do find myself slouching because my computer screen is too low and it's just all wrong..

    Unfortunately, i take this bad habit home... I try to correct myself from time to time as i usually feel it in my shoulder/neck area if i'm sitting incorrectly.