How Often Are Paddies On Sale??

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  1. Was just wondering, are paddies almost NEVER on sale or do you find sales often? Want to buy one but the one on sale is in red and isn't really the color i want.should i just go ahead and grab the opportunity or should i wait for the color i really want ?:shrugs:
  2. I am new to the chloe subforum and wondering the same thing. From what I have read, there seems to be sales often on different sites.
  3. If you keep an eye on the deals and steals thread you will see discounts come up fairly regularly on a plethora of Chloe bags :yes:
  4. thanks mooks! appreciate the quick reply!
  5. They go on sale a couple times a year and at significant savings. Keep watch on the deals and steals section!
  6. I think you should hold out until you get the colour you want.
  7. aloha rag is having a sale right now. They sell out rather quickly.
  8. I'm new to Chloe too. I'm planning on getting one for my birthday next month. Does anyone know what the retail on the different paddingtons are? I couldn't find any info on that.
  9. Go to or and you can see the retail prices.
  10. :yahoo:oh!oh!oh!the deed is done!have already placed the order for my red paddy!can't wait!!
    this is my first one and the anticipation is a killer!
  11. There was a private sale at Neiman Marcus last week. I'm not sure if it's still going on. I called one of the SA there and got the paddington satchel medium in blanc for $990 something but regular price is $1540. I still can see that is still advertising the private sale.
  12. They definitely go on at least a few times a year. I recall that this past November/December, there were sales at a lot of the major retailers on paddies... I scored a taupe paddy from Nordstrom for about $1000.

    It's good to befriend a sales associate at a big retailer. The gal I worked with at Nordstrom last year still calls me to this day to give me a heads up when Chloes are going on sale.
  13. We definitely have the same taste. I've been working all day to score either a front pocket or small bowler in taupe and no luck. I pre-ordered a Roche satchel, but its not waht I really want.

    Anyway, my point is Nordies is doing a pre-sale now, 30% off, med paddy satchels are about $909 (or close)