How often are LE's released?

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  1. I am a LV newbie...I must admit that first!

    How often are LE bags released, and how far in advance do we normally know this on tpF? I got interested in LV just last year, and missed out on the Watercolour, though I am totally obsessed with it. I am not in love with the Roses, so I am wondering what the next LE might be and how long I have to wait to see it!

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. It's a seasonal. I think usually spring/summer and fall/winter, correct me if I'm wrong
  3. LEs are most often released once a season (once during s/s and once during f/w) but sometimes there will be others that come up.

    usually on TPF we find out about 3 months in advance. if you look at the runway shows, you can get a good idea of what they'll look like. but details have come as late as 2 weeks before release. as seasons pass, LV is getting more secretive with their info.

    check the summary pics and comments thread. all the latest news will be posted there. the threads can get quite large, but if you use the search function within the thread, you'll be able to find the info you're looking for.
  4. Thank you - does that mean that the Roses collection is F/W?
  5. Roses are part of Spring Summer, the season kind of blend together, runway shows happen around 6-8 months before bags info between 3-6 months before release and I pretty much second what Caley said
  6. There are 4 collections a year:

    Pre Collection

    Pre Collection and Cruise are smaller collections.

    Marc Jacobs got in a bit of trouble when he did his first collection for LV because he sort of forgot to send bags down the runway, it was only ready to wear. After a small slap on the wrist from Yves Carcelle he learnt his lesson and every collection is full of bags. Once the runway show is done an LV team sit down and work out which ones were successes, which ones would be suitable for production (alot of MJs designs are beautiful but may not stand up to everyday use by consumers) based on that and a few other things the team creates the Limited Editions, or Show Collection range we fight so hard to get our hands on once released to the public. Seasonal pieces are a little bit different too. An example of seasonal is currently the Galactic Blue color in Vernis. Show Collection are limited in number where as seasonal is a product run for 3 months. (for one season), meaning when the store sells a seasonal piece usually Paris keeps replacing the item until either they run out or the end of the season comes.

    Hope that helps! And if you are interested in Show Collection it's best to express your interest to your SA as soon as possible. They usually will note down your interest and can push on your behalf to get the bag you want once it is released to the public...Thats why its important to have a good relationship with one or two SAs if you are interested in becoming a serious collector.

    Hope that helps!! I want the 'Kalahari bag' from the Madonna campaign :cloud9:
  7. there's always *something* LE around...
  8. You cannot tell for sure when the next LE will be. Just like the Roses/Graffiti which was unexpected and part of a retrospective/tribute to Sprouse. Like Monogramouflage which was part of the Murakami exhibit in NY and MOCA LV in LA. Other LEs were like China Run, Comme Des Garcon collab, Sofia Coppola collab and all these were just in 2008!. There is no fixed timing as to releasing LEs. This is in addition to the normal SS, FW, Cruise and Prefall collection.
  9. prolly once or twice a season i presume