How often and how many years have you used straighteners?

  1. hi i decided to ask this question because im addicted to my GHDS and have been useing them for about a year now .Then to burst my bubble my cousin's new girlfriend said that her hair broke off and got badly damaged which made me wana run off and cry .But when i asked her what products she used she replied that all the brands do not work which i really wanted to say well mayb not for you honey,but i kept my cool.How often is okay then?
  2. i've been straightening my hair occaisionally (at least 2x a month, usually more) for about six years. i bought my chi iron a year ago, and the DRAMATIC difference in the results made me straighten at least 3x a week for a while. i definately see a difference in the health of my hair (in a bad way). it's rougher and i have to use more products. but that probably has something to do with the bleach as well. once i run the chi over it, it looks great, but it's sometimes dry and fuzzy otherwise. i've recently cut back to 1-2x a week. i also don't blow dry my hair. i just let it dry in a low messy bun which keeps the frizzies at bay and cuts back on heat damage.

    you can't run 450 degrees over your hair on any sort of regular basis and expect it not to be a little bit damaged or broken. i think "how often is ok" really depends on whether you color treat, how thick your hair is, and how much damage is acceptable to you. for me and my bleached fine hair, any more than 2x a week really starts to show. good luck!
  3. i've used mine for about 3 years (ghds) but not with any kind of regularity, i'm lazy and my hair is essentially straight anyway. i've only used it if i've slept weirdly or for styling. it hasn't affected my hair at all but it wouldn't since i use them so rarely. maybe once every two months or so.
  4. hey
    I have ghds and use them nearly evry day, my hair is in ok condition, but what i do i jus condition my hair with a treatment every time i wash it. My hair is naturally quite straight but i wont rest until i have gone over it with my ghd's. Just condition it often and dont straighten over the same piece when its already straight!! (which i do) am paranoid when it comes to straightening haha-am like i must get it straighter! x
  5. i love my ghd! i've had it for awhile now - i think over 2 years... i go through periods of using it everyday and not using it for months!!! at the moment, i'm going through the 'everyday' period - i havent had a haircut in over a year so my hair is pretty long so i just run the ghd through and pull it all back into a ponytail.
    i havent noticed anything different about my hair - i always use heat protecting products eg/cremes/sprays etc... who really knows if it actually works, but it makes my hair all shine not dry and crusty! :wlae:
  6. You didn't mention whether or not you are using any product with your straightener. If you aren't, Paul Mitchell makes two products specifically for use in conjunction with hot tools--Heat Seal and Seal and Shine. They both protect the hair from the damaging effects from the blow dryer, straightening/smoothing irons, etc. If your hair is dry, my suggestion would lean toward Seal and Shine because it seems to have more protection against heat.

    I'd also suggest using Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. It is very conditioning and helps to smooth out your hair. I use it daily. You can find all of these products at a professional hair care salon.
  7. I've been using a ceramic straightening iron for about three years. I went through about a year when I used it almost everyday and I did start to notice that my hair was getting damaged. So I cut back to a couple of times a week. I also try to only blow-dry three or four times a week. I do think the ceramic makes a big difference b/c I used an "old-fashioned" straightening iron in the early nineties and it totally fried my hair, wheras this seems to be ok.

    I think that if you use a good conditioner and limit yourself to a few times a week, it should be ok. I also apply clinique hair serum before using the straightener and paul mitchell awapuhi moisture spray before blow drying.
  8. i used to use it once a week. once swim season began again i realized my hair could not stand the chlorine sun chemicals and harsh clarifying treatments i was using. my heat stylers are tucked away only for special occasions now.
  9. What is GHDS???
  10. Same here... what is GHDS?
  11. i straighten my hair 1-2x a day, and i treat it with conditioners and buy the best straighteners to keep in healthy while doing so.
  12. I get my hair professionally straightened every few months or so. It probably hurts my hair, but I have uncontroable hair otherwise.