How odd, I bought a luggage Tag???

  1. i saw this on eBay by pure coincidence, and bought it within a second!

    i fell in love, yeah it looks old and a little tatty but its gonna shine on my Speedy 35! 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag (item 290084771075 end time 18-Feb-07 21:20:30 GMT)

    is it silly that i got REALLY excited over a luggage tag?? I did have my heart set on getting my grubby little hands on an Etoile Bandeau, in pink, to no avail. So this will brighten my spirits i suppose!

    The best thing is it had only been listed for 8 mins! score! (i hope)
  2. It's NEVER silly to get excited over anything LV! :smile:

    Hope you find a pink Etoile Bandeu... and that will look very cute on your Speedy! I love adding like accessories to my bags! :smile: Congrats!
  3. :nuts: Great price LOL with that price I'll be REALLY excited too!! Will look great on your Speedy:yes:
  4. Congrats... I sold mine not long ago :amuse:
    I hope the buyer will be just as excited as you are. I think it'll look great on your Speedy :yes:
  5. That's a great price for something from LV!
  6. when i saw it i couldnt believe my eyes! i literally did a double take! and then some more!!!
  7. It will look great on your speedy..
  8. it will look great on your speedy I agree
    I had that idea aswell I think i have to get one :biggrin: