How OCD am I??

  1. Does anyone keep records of their LV purchases? Over the last almost-year, I have purchased LVs from the boutique, eLux, eBay and consignment stores. I am a real organization/neat freak, and have a big binder with all of my LV items catalogued inside. A picture of my collection graces the front of the binder. Inside, I have colored tabs with each item's name on it, then paperwork from the boutique/eBay auction/elux description, etc. Then, in the next section, I have 4 pics of each piece, one of which shows the date code on the item. Then lastly, I have a reference section with the date code thread printed out from tPF, My Poupette's Guide to Buying LV Online, and a few other LV catalogs. How OCD am I? Does anyone else do anything like this? :roflmfao:
  2. I'm not quite that OCD (errr, organized;)), but I do keep in my file drawer a file with all my purse receipts and invoices.
  3. ^^^^agreed, I keep all my reciepts for designer clothes, luggage, and accessories....just to prove authenticity, and in case I ever want to sell them....I keep all reciepts in my first eluxury box,,,sometimes I just look through the reciepts and have the memories:yes:
  4. not quite that organized but I keep receipts of my more expensive bags usually
  5. wow, now i fell really bad! I don't keep anything! Well I do for a certain time, then I just throw it away.
  6. I keep mine in a folder, but they're not organized.
  7. what a very organized filing system! my receipts are all stored in a pochette box and just stacked in my closet.
  8. I have all my receipts but they are just jumbled together in a plastic cover.:rolleyes:
  9. I have a spreadsheet and I keep images (plus a wishlist) in word. I am totally OCD!
  10. i wish i can be that way. instead i keep the bags in the dustbags with tags, receipt, and box inside the brown lv shopping bag (basically i leave them the same way i receive them from the store). i do keep a notebook with all of the information, like style, store bought and price etc. what's fun is comparing the prices from when i purchased them to now after all of the price increases. i have earned some equity on my stuff!
  11. i'm not organized at all... i don't even remember exactly what month it was from... maybe what year LOL
  12. mbamom,
    i think its great that you keep such an organized and detailed system for your purchases. its so beneficial for many reasons: in case (God forbid) an item gets stolen or damaged...its all right there. too bad LV doesnt make folders!
  13. I keep records of my purchases.
  14. I keep all my stuff in individual little plastic sandwich bags. I put all tags, receipts and keys/locks, etc., in each bag so I can keep track of what goes with what bag. Then I keep them all together in a box in my closet. I used to just keep everything in the dustbag, but thought this might keep things nicer and less chance of losing something!
  15. Wow!!! You are very detailed-oriented and organized!!!! I keep an excel spreadsheet listing the LV item, date purchased, price paid plus tax, location bought from, and type of item (accessory, purse, etc.). And I also list the LV items that I sold and the price that I sold them for and to who and when. I also keep all of my LV receipts in an LV box.

    It's kind of scary to look at my excel list and see the grand total that I've spent at LV!!! But, I use all of my LV items, so in my mind, I can justify that at least I'm using everything and it's not just sitting in a closet.

    I also have a list for my Tiffany jewelry - again, scary to see what I've spent on those items!