How obsessive are you?

  1. How obsessive are you about keeping your bags/wallets clean and as new as possible? Do you always perch your bags on an extra chair at resturants, or no pens in your bag in case they leak or a "raincoat" for your bag on rainy days...things like that. Or do you believe that bags are meant to be well used and well loved?

    For me, I try my best never to put my bag on the floor (except for my floor at home). I hate to have coins in my wallet. I usually ask my bf to hold on to my bag when i go to public toilets.

    In fact, I try not to use my more expensive bags too much. I love to see them all shiny and new peeking out of their dustbags. I'm anal like that hahah :P

    How about you?
  2. To start with, I am just like you, I do not want them to touch the floor, hell I hardly want to touch them myself! But then I use them and I guess with each use, I lighten up a little bit.
    It is funny though, that I find myself to be more carefree with the bags that lend themselves to slouchiness, such as my paddington, which I use daily and shove everwhere! but my Fendi B, it is so prestine and gorgeous, I am scared to even take it out of the dustbag ;)
    so you are certainly not alone!
  3. For me it depends on the bag, I favor my new babies and if they are light colored or the material is sensitive etc. I look like a mad woman when using my white spy or suade onatah but the damier speedy doesn't get any special treatment at all, poor thing.
  4. I don't abuse my bags, but I don't baby them either.
    At the end, they are just bags and I'd find it too exhausting to look after them all the time.
  5. In the past, my new bags sat in the closet for months before I had the courage to take them out! Then I though to myself, WHY spend $1000.00+ on a bag that is going to sit and collect dust on the shelf?!:nuts: Now, I use them and don't sweat the small stuff like rain, small scratches, etc. All those wear marks just give the bags character, IMO! ENJOY THEM! After all, like GerGirl said, THEY ARE JUST BAGS!:yes:
  6. Oh god I am a bag slut - they get pulled around, filled up with crap, dropped on the floor, stretched when I overfill them, scraped against stuff - not deliberately you understand. I don't dare get a white bag for these very reasons! The only one I am very fussy about is my Moschino melted choc bag which is made of highly polisihed calf skin and therefore delicate and very unique. So it stays on a shelf in my front room like a museum exhibit!
  7. My husband and sons tease me all the time about how I baby my bags. Just this morning I was dropping my boys off at church to help at VBS and I dropped my keys (in the parking lot) with my Coach khaki mini skinny attached. Not only did I pick it up and look at it but then I accidentally dropped it again!:wtf: My 15 year old watched as I examined it - He said I never would have examined him that well if he fell in the parking lot when he was little :lol:
  8. I don't let them touch the floor and they almost always sit on my lap. But that's about it. I don't mind if it's the floor at my apartment or BF's house. I actually flung my Speedy 35 once (was throwing a tantrum) and BF ran after it.
  9. Yeah I never have bags touch the floor either.

    but it when my leather gets smudged sometimes, I don't worry too much about it.
  10. oh god, i abuse my bags... i think if they're that's expensive they must be strong enough.
    it doesn;t eman i don't take care of my bags, but i love them and wear them a lot, i bring them everywhere and i put them in floors like my house's carpet floor or any other clean surface floor. i don't wanna look too freaked out with my bags.
  11. I try to avoid putting them on the ground too much. If I have a sweater or a jacket then I lay that on the ground first. I have been known to take off my jacket in a rain storm and put it around my purse. :lol: I am constantly thinking about the weather and where I am going when it going down to what purse to bring out. If we are out to dinner I always wash my hands in the rest room after I am done eating so that I dont get the bag all greasy. I dont carry around a rain jacket for the bag (unless you count the sweater that is usually always in my larger bags).

    As far as what goes inside the bag I am pretty bad about it. I have a habit of over stuffing my bags - I get it from my mother I swear! I also end up throwing all sorts of random things in my bags (wrappers, water bottles, etc). But so far no permanent damage to speak of. ::knock on wood::

    But because I am such a klutz Starbucks has been spilled on most of my bags. Luckily I have been able to wipe them off just fine (yey for LV canvas!).
  12. I also don't put my bags on the floor. If it's at a restaurant, my bag gets its own chair or it's on my lap. I do baby my bags when I first get it and I check for everything. I am very anal when I get a new bag but after some use I lighten up too but sometimes some marks bug the hell out of me then I return it or sell it. So you're not alone.
  13. Ditto:yes: I'm not throwing my bag across the room in a pile of dirt. However I'm going to use it and not worry about the small stuff. It's a bag, not a human.
  14. You took the words right out of my mouth hazelsarah. I am just like you!! I use cheap Nylon or Coach bags to keep my designer bags in mint condition. Now I am trying to snap out of it though and use my bags more. I actually carried my Antigua Cabas in the rain yesterday which is a major step for me.
  15. Exactly! My bags are going to get a little wear and tear in time but I'm not abusive and throwing them around or squashing them in a closet. They may get a little dirty with commuting which is part of the reason I rarely carry cream color or white bags. I have held mine under my raincoat before, but a few drops of rain aren't going to do any harm. I stay away from open topped bags mostly due to our rainy weather here. So they may brave the elements but at home they go rest in their dustbags all snuggly :lol: .

    I guess you could say I treat my bags like my shoes - they should be clean and in good repair, not scuffed or overly worn down, but they will break in over the years.