How nuts about foods

  1. were you while you were pregnant and or nursing? I avoided all caffeine, nutrasweet and anything artificial while pregnant. When nursing I avoided caffeine and limited my nutrasweet (1 diet soda per day). I was also careful with fish and tried to keep things as natural as possible.
    My pediatrician told me that caffeine and nutrasweet were fine, but I still feel guilty and worry about that 1 soda per day ( I've since stopped).
    Anyone else out there feel similarly or had similar experiences?
  2. While I was pregnant:

    I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I didn't stay away from nuts, dairy, wheat, fish (I don't eat fish anyway, so...), etc. I tried to eat healthy and ate a lot of fruits and veggies...But I also let myself go a little bit and had a few sweets too :graucho:

    Don't worry about the soda...Why do you feel guilty about it?

    Now that I'm nursing:

    I still eat the same as I did while I was pregnant (just a bit less now, lol). Lots of fruits and veggies, I drink a lot of water and juices (orange, apple, pineapple, etc) since nursing makes me crazy thirsty. I don't drink that much soda anyway, so it's not really a big deal. I drink a lot of teas (natural tea, not Lipton), which help when I'm not in the mood to drink water :smile:
  3. What is the deal with the no cold chicken, lunch meets thing...or soft cheeses..:shrugs:. I think I might starve when I get pregnant. All I eat are greek (feta) salads w/chicken and turkey sandwiches...:wtf:
  4. The risk about eating soft cheeses and deli meats is because of Listeria.
  5. Wow, thanks for the article! I had no idea it was so dangerous... I was thinking it was more like a "no coffee" thing...
  6. I don't eat soft cheese, lunchmeat, cold chicken, I wash even pre washed veggies, avoid coffee, caffeine, and soda, and cut back on salt and sugars. The weird thing is for my first I ate whatever I wanted-18 years ago we weren't warned against anything but smoking or drinking.
  7. I don't eat the lunchmeats or cheese and limit to 2 cups of coffee a day. Right now I'm so sick I eat whatever I think I can keep down. Maybe when I feel better I'll start eating healthier, but I've only gained a 1/2 pound so far, so I guess I'm good!