How NOT to ship a purse

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  1. Yeah this has been happening a lot to me lately, so I always send a message before hand. I once had a Bal Weekender put into an envelope - I almost died when I saw it. Luckily the bag was not damaged. Sorry this happened to you!
  2. don't you hate that? its basically a SNAD--sellers forget that the whole point of having an item described down to the T is so that when it arrives, it arrives like what was described..if you don't package it properly so it gets sent to the customer the way it was when sold then TL

    which brings me to
    hah. you'd think.........

    unfortunately some people are that dense or just don't care..either way seller has to take the responsibility for this
  3. OMG, that's terrible! How could anyone put a purse in an envelope? I received my LV Galliera PM loose in a box and I thought that was bad. (No tissue paper or anything to protect it).
  4. My sympathies are with you, Schientist. Plain and simple, it means they don't give a s**t.

    My most recent Bay bag came in a box. The problem? ONE strip of the thinnest, crappiest tape held it closed, and it was falling out of the crushed box when I got it on my doorstep.

    Yes, shipping a bag in a box IS the right thing to do. However, it would be nice to also put some thought and caring in there as well. :noggin:
  5. This is what I hate about shopping places like ebay. I've gotten items just shoved into regular envelopes and of course things get broken.
  6. You know, it's just sad to me that this is such a common occurrence. I thought it was obnoxious the first time I got bags stuffed into flat rate boxes with no protection, but then I got my first envelope shipment (this is not the first, just the worst!) and figured out that some people really don't get it.

    What's even weirder was that when I got my first envelope shipment- which was a shiny leather Coach bag stuffed into a bubble mailer- the seller actually argued with me over whether or not it was properly shipped. Nevermind that the leather was creased and crushed... she insisted all the way down to feedback responses that the packaging was adequate. Uh, sure, if you're mailing a tank top.
  7. some sellers are just idiots. i really hate when i find a bag ive been dying for and when it gets to me the package is awful. large leather bag=tiny box i guess. i have been lucky that none were damaged,only squished and creased a bit. im sorry your ali was damaged i hope you can find another!
  8. I had this happen to me before too and I was quite upset about it. It seemed like common sense to me but I guess people will do anything to save a couple bucks! I hope everything works out for you.
  9. I'm not trying to mitigate the seller's responsibility or anything, but I think Ebay are partially to blame for this sort of culture developing. I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere, but the postage charge for a handbag in the UK is capped at GBP4. I've never been able to ship a bag for that amount (as I do send by safest and most secure method, and I package the bejesus out of them!), so I always take a bath with postage costs.

    The popular opinion seems to be that the way to handle this postage capping is to just add onto the listing price what you expect to lose in postage, but I don't think that's appropriate. To me, the price of the item should be what someone bids, and the postage charge should be what it costs the seller to ship with no profit or loss. That's the way I'd rather do business...

    - Lips

    PS good luck Schientist - hope it all works out :smile:
  10. That's really unacceptable! Why are seller trying to save a few bucks shipping something that clearly needs to be in a box?? Just add the fee into the shipping fee.

    Sellers are trying to save money on shipping (to compensate for ebay fees and PP charges, which are ridiculously overpriced!). If the shipping charge that you pay for did not match how it was shipped then the seller are trying to pull a fast one. I have brought an items and the shipping charges printed on the PP shipping label is half of what I paid. Something like that really irks me. I also charged buyers $4 for the small priority shipping flat rate box (so that the item gets there fast and safe) and buyers would complain all the time about the expensive ($4) shipping charge.
  11. That poor Ali!!!!! I can't fathom shipping a bag I sell in an envelope??? What???? I try to use the smallest box I can without squishing the bag or compromising it's safety....and I'd prefer to send priority anyway. I mean...really? What is wrong with people?
  12. I agree with all of this. It really is dire. Sellers should be able to charge appropriately for shipping. Furthermore, they should not be dinged stars for shipping cost. If the buyer does not like the shipping cost they can walk away.
  13. So sorry this happened to you Schientist!!
    I had my first ever bag in an envelope show up last week. I was pretty ticked about it. Got two the same day, one packaged perfectly. The other in a bubble mailer! Just the bag, nothing else. It was actually stuck together from 5 days of being stuck in there, apparently something had been glued as well, not mentioned of course. I paid $14 shipping, and it shows up naked, in an envelope with postage stamped on the outside $7!! Doubly ticked at this point. I don't know what the heck some people are thinking!! Ridiculous, I would NEVER do that to one of my customers. $50 or $500! I eat it on shipping a lot, but it is peace of mind. Sorry for the rant, it seems like an epidemic out there. I hope it all works out for you, please keep us posted!
  14. :goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost:
  15. Every single bag I have sold I put in boxes with tissue and bubble wrap. I even put stuff I am posting to family in boxes unless its a really small item. I think I sent my dad some vest t shirts and I put them in an envelope but I was a bit wary of doing so.

    I have recieved 2 bags in jiffy bags, 1 I think was more suited to a box, the other because it was something that could be folded flat I thought it was fine. However, thinking about it, a postal bag is probably easier to damage than a box...