How NOT to ship a purse

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  1. Totally unacceptable. I've underestimated shipping with some of my items and just took the loss (a few measly dollars) to make sure my buyers got their items quickly and packaged securely in a box.
  2. Wow, so sad seeing the handle of that precious bag peeking through.
  3. That's awful. I would never ship a handbag or other leather good in an envelope. Even small items like agendas or key chains I put in small priority boxes.
  4. @ms-whitney- No, the seller didn't contact me at all except to say that it had been shipped.

    As far as what I've heard back from the seller so far, they're saying that they didn't get my "please ship in a box" instructions before they mailed the package (funny, since I included those instructions WITH MY PAYMENT... and I doubt they shipped before I paid....) They're also telling me over and over that I didn't overpay on shipping, they actually spent more than it cost me, and that it would've cost them significantly more than that to ship Priority and in a box.... which is completely not the point. And they keep pointing out that they did add delivery confirmation. *smacks forehead *

    They're basically not taking any responsibility, just making excuses.
  5. Worst packaging ever!
  6. By leaving the special shipping instructions in PayPal, the buyer is relying on the seller to open each and every PayPal invoice they receive, which they may very well not open at all.

    Buyers need to message special instructions through eBay's "Ask a question" instead of PayPal's invoice system.

  7. There's an indicator even in Ebay if the buyer sent you a message with their payment.
  8. OMG, that's just disgustingly bad. Why would you even think that it's ok to ship a delicate item in packaging like that??? It's beyond me. People are so stupid.
  9. :shocked: Oh wow, that is so awful. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    Also happened to me once. With a Chanel tote, mind you. Unacceptable! :nono:
  10. That's totally unacceptable. I don't have any respect for sellers who treat their items like POS just to save a few bucks on shipping fees. I don't need buyers to ask me to use box for shipping handbags. I always use box. That's a commonsense.
  11. Exactly!! :tup:
  12. Totally unacceptable, I hope your bag survived? :shocked:
  13. It was a Coach Ali. There were some cuts and scrapes on the leather, so the seller has now said they're going to take it back and will refund original and return shipping. While I do hope they stick to their word and I wind up not being out anything financially, I'd still rather have the purse in good condition!! :sad:

    Thanks for all the sympathy... I'm so sorry this has also happened to some of the rest of you! What in the world are sellers thinking? :tdown:
  14. ^^
    shouldn't it be obvious to a seller that you cannot ship an item, like a bag, in an envelope?
  15. I just had a bag shipped in a bag exactly like that, via parcel post. What on earth are they thinking??? there are free Priority Mail flat rate boxes!!