How NOT to ship a purse

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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    When your buyer says, "please ship in a box, I've had some packages arrive damaged recently" it's a good idea to listen.

    It's also a good idea to ship Priority, which was what you stated, rather than Parcel Post, because you undercharged.

    Always a good idea to insure, if you care about what you sent.

    Please enjoy some views of my latest purchase.

    PS: This is after I took it out of the clear plastic bag that USPS had contained it in, but before I'd actually "opened" it.

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  2. Holy guacamole!

    That is some cah-ra-ppy packaging!!!! Please tell me you are dinging the seller's stars (if this is eBay).

    If the bag is damaged, you'd better be getting a partial!! This is totally unacceptable.

    I hope the bag is it?
  3. oh, that looks terrible. I hope the item was ok. If not you had better start a return process. I would rather pay a little more for shipping, and make sure the bag gets her nicely, not shoved in a bag and tossed into the pile. Let us know.
  4. oh my!!! wow thats terrible. i really hate when people mail things in these crappy paper or plastic bag mailers.
  5. Jeez...I hope the item is OK.

    That's just common sense, IMO. I don't remember anyone ever praising a seller who sent a designer bag in an envelope, but I remember plenty of threads and posts blasting sellers who make a habit of doing just that.
  6. Oh it is NOT unscathed, that's for sure. I'm surprised that it wasn't worse, but there are some cuts/scrapes to the leather. I am waiting to hear back from the seller.

    I just really couldn't believe this. My guess is that the seller undercharged on shipping and realized it when it came time to mail, so he/she thought it would save them some $ to ship it as lightly as possible (i.e. bag not box) and parcel post rather than Priority, and uninsured. Stupid. I do appreciate that USPS stuck a sticker on it that says "arrived damaged." That way they can't argue I did it.
  7. ^did the seller ever approach you and let you know it might cost more and try to ask for the difference? not that in the end it matters since they are responsible for it--i am just curious if they ever even tried

    have you contacted the seller yet?
  8. It looks like a shipping bag they paid for. You can get your free boxes priority and use all postal supplys the tyveck bags to put the bag in to protect it then in a flat rate box for $10 bucks. How much did they save, maybe a couple bucks? I hope you get some of your money back for the damage.
  9. Whoa, that seller really cut corners. Unacceptable. This makes me feel upset just looking at it; that someone could be that careless. I hope everything works out in your favor (whatever you decide to do.)
  10. Where is the commonsense? Sending in a jiffy bag is asking for trouble. Sorry you're having to deal with this.
  11. oh no! terrible packaging
  12. Oh no, it looks like a mail truck actually drove over it!!
  13. i think parcel post is like that
    my bf ordered a jersey from ebay and it arrived in the same condition, same envelope too
  14. Was the item insured and are there photos showing the condition before the item was sent?

    IMO for packages that are not sorted by the automated sorting machine: as long as the item properly fits in the outer packaging and the opening is properly secured by adhesive, it shouldn't matter if the item is in a bubble mailer or a box. The USPS damaged the package after it left the sender's hands, and the USPS should be held accountable because it is a reasonable customer expectation of the USPS that parcels/letters are going to arrive at their destination in a condition very similar to when the parcel left the sender's hands.

    As far as boxes: I've had boxes that have been torn open or crushed in shipping. My former USPS carrier left several of my parcels out in the rain, disintegrating the outer as well as the inner boxes! This was especially troubling as one of the items was a collectible that was going to be given as a gift.

    A clear case of improper outer packaging: I had a young lady drop a Pandora silver bead into a regular white envelope. It arrived, but the envelope was severely damaged, with the bead in danger of falling out of the envelope. The seller was not familiar with the USPS' automatic letter sorting machines or their depth limitations. Thus, I politely imparted a little information to not do that in the future because envelopes are sorted by a machine that cannot sort a thick object, running the risk of the item being lost when it goes through the machine.

    I have received several Tyvek and plastic envelopes that are filthy dirty upon arrival. This makes me wonder if the USPS intentionally leaves these in a dirt parking lot with water puddles and they spray the dirty water all over the parcels by driving vehicles through the puddles. Not the seller's fault.

    I have also received the USPS Priority flat-rate, letter-size press board envelope torn open by the USPS with the contents trailing (it was also sealed in a clear plastic envelope with a USPS damaged sticker attached). I'm 99.9999% sure that it wasn't in that condition when it left the sender's hands. Again, this wasn't the seller's fault.
  15. Yikes, it looks like they tried to put it through a wood chipper.

    I've never received anything like that from USPS but I am an international buyer - maybe the ISC's treat the packages with a bit more respect.