How Not To Plan A Party In Your Parents' House

  1. So, this 17 year old girl decided to throw a party when her parents were away for Easter break. Except, the e-invite ended up all over the net and 200 gatecrashers trashed the place, causing $60,000 worth of damage!
  2. Your link doesen't work. ^_^
  3. yep, I read about this one too....

    WTF? dont know what to say about this one.... but an e-invite???? oh well, internet gone wrong.
  4. Wow!! That is too bad! Poor parents and of course the daughter.
  5. Well, that is a lesson learned, don't post stuff like that on myspace or do e-invites.
  6. house rape. :roflmfao:
  7. Wow, that's terrible. I thought parents were smart enought not to leave their teenage kids alone. That is just asking for it. Maybe not to this extreme, but still.
  8. WOW.... poor parents and poor girl!
  9. How terrible. A 17 year old should be responsible enough to take care of the house while her parents are gone. I don't know her, but from that message she posted on her friend's page, she didn't sound sorry about what happened. She's prob just sorry she got in trouble.
  10. Wow, that is horrible. I agree she should be responsible enough, her parents trusted her.
  11. ha ha. i live near where it happened and i find it really funny, the girl got arrested. how dumb must she have been to put the details on myspace?
  12. She is 17! She could be in college already doing whatever.
  13. I read about that.

    I'm still shocked that someone peed on her mother's wedding dress!
  14. Goodness!!! That's freaking CRAZY! Oh my parents would've been PISSED OFF if that much damage happened to their house. :wtf: