How NOT to handle a dispute...

  1. Pay heed.. here's an example of what not to do from one who knows better. Background: I listed a Prada bag on eBay (photos here), and the buyer claimed that the handles were split. I was astonished; I'm extremely picky about what we list and work to depict any issues. Nevertheless, she was right, I saw splitting in two photos (3 and 4) although I hadn't noticed it before. Still, it didn't look that severe AND IMO was plainly visible in more than one shot. Here's what went down.

    Oh really???

    So, boys and girls: lesson from this? Don't get angry. Stay calm.
  2. uhh seriously? The buyer seemed fine to me & had a reasonable request. You sound like the one who needs an attitude adjustment. Sry2say.
  3. if i was the seller, i won't do the refund..the pictures are clear enough
  4. I completely agree with Sina - the buyer is being completely reasonable and and as an Ebay seller myself, it seems like you're just being stubborn. JMHO.
  5. The truth? I would have returned the purchase price, minus shipping.

    The bag looks very good in the photos and I personally don't see the splitting in the photos. Beyond that, I believe it is incumbent upon the seller to disclose flaws in the written listing.
  6. I have to agree, so sorry.
  7. I do agree that it's the seller's responsibility to disclose all flaws. I think that's why I took such offence. I go overboard trying to disclose all flaws. That combined with a ton of personal issues; well, I handled it absolutely wrong. I've decided to refund whether warranted or not. IMO she didn't deserve the treatment no matter how baseless the initial claim. I think it's buyer's remorse but by way of apology for being a total sh*t I'm going to take the return anyway.

    EDIT: Looks like I have to wait until PP is done reviewing the case! Went in to close the dispute and no option exists now that they're "reviewing". I could contact customer service but the LAST thing I want to do is prolong my account being locked out.
  8. primera -- I've refunded in the past for goofy reasons (which i suspect were actually buyer's remorse). Sometimes it's just easier to refund than to deal with the buyer, especially when you figure they're going to file a claim and make life miserable for you. I know some people disagree, but I find myself taking the path of least resistance.

    It's always so disappointing when you think you've made a sale and then it turns sour. In my case, I find that I've spent the money and the refund puts me in a financial hole.
  9. I don't understand the issue. The bidder was completely a gem in this wacky world of ebay. She didn't come after you with a vengence like some may have. She was reasonable and polite. I think being so hard core can be trouble sometime. Besides that...

    That last line you wrote kinda made me feel like a admonished child in a classroom...LOL
    "So, boys and girls: lesson from this? Don't get angry. Stay calm."
  10. Hi, I don't want to seem critical, but whatever the 'truth' of the dispute (and I think that it is very possible to see 'truth' in both your complaints about each other), the buyer is exemplary in her communication and I would have refunded on the basis of what I perceive to be unhappiness on the part of a reasonable person, but maybe I'm a sucker!
  11. You yourself admit you did not initially see the splitting on the shoulder straps when you sold the bag and, frankly, I don't even see splitting in your numerous photos which show the bag to be in very good condition. Sorry, but I think you have been quite harsh with a very reasonable and nice buyer. She should not get stuck with an item that was not properly described. You complain about how much time and money this is costing you. Well, the buyer would have to spend much more time and money repairing the bag. Now, I do not mean to be harsh here myself, but as a buyer I would have lost patience with you many emails back and just turned it over to my credit card company for a complete refund. Have you looked at this from the buyer's perspective and thought how you would have felt if you had received a bag with splitting straps that you did not know about when you bid?
  12. You were wrong. I don't know why you posted this thread.
  13. well im sorry to say that but the only thing u are right about is that this is how NOT to handle it :shrugs: ...your attitude towards the poor seller, your eloquent long sentences with official language used probably to try and discourage her from returning the bag are absolutely out of place ...kudos for the buyer for staying nice and reasonable for such a long time i would have lost my patience long before ..what bugs me i dont see a sincere apology to the buyer from you anywhere in those emails u posted ...:sad: but fair play to u for seeing your mistake ...:p
  14. I actually don't see the splitting in the pics either and IMO the buyer is totally right to ask for a refund because the bag isn't as described. She was very reasonable and polite in all her emails and the errors were made on your side in the description and your correspondence is rude. Actually I admire the buyer's patience as I would have given this issue to my cc company for a full refund and I would have opened a dispute with Paypal.
    Only good thing is that you admitted your mistake by the end of the day and accepted a return.
    I really hope that you apoligized to the poor buyer and I highly doubt that she'll buy from you again neither would I in her position.
    You're lucky if she doesn't leave you negative feedback as I would do.
    But thank god the matter is solved and everybody can move on.:smile:
  15. I think you should take tha bag back and stop with the hassle. The buyer is being MORE than nice and reasonable and the pictures were not in focus. You did not state the damage to the straps. I think it is YOU who is long-winded and annoying.

    Do the right thng for God's sake. Take the purse back. YOU KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT. The buyer is 200% correct. You are deceptive and you making buyng on eBay a chore. It is supposed to be fun on both sides.