How neat is your Coach bag??????

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  1. I was just curious to know how many wristlets, and other accessorie's you keep in your Daily bag.Do they fit nicely or are they crammed in? I have my Poppy tartan wristlet(red/black), my Poppy leather wristlet (black/silver), and my new kisslock pouch(black sig./white) for my coins only. I don't have a wallet at all. I try to keep everything in order so my bag is neat.I notice that the Patent Poppy Spotlight(sm./med) is shaped differently inside.So I was wondering if you have some tips on keeping bags neat.:smile:
  2. My bag is pretty neAt I guess I have my new magenta Madison wallet in there along w lv cles and use a wristlet or cosmetic case for all my junk
  3. that is a must for me. use wristlets to keep organized.
  4. See, thats why I do that...Besides, they take up less room..I don't mind not having a wallet, some of them are too bulky...Maybe someday when the right one comes along!:P
  5. TG for wristlets--before those (I use a Balenciaga makeup, which is similar to a wristlet), my bags were a mess. I also do better with mini skinnies, cell phone pockets, and compartments.
  6. My bag is a hot mess right now haha. I have a wallet, a mini skinny I have coins in currently (On the hunt for a coin purse.. Fossil has owls that keep calling my name lol), and a clutch that I keep my lady products in. Everything else is all over the place in my Annie lol.
  7. I just got my coin kisslock pouch yesterday and I love it...Keeps my coins seperate from my other $....It was $31.00 at the outlet...It's nice because it is the PVC material.They have multiple colors...;)
  8. I say that too. Thank God for Coach wristlets...They are such a convience...You can have multiple wristlets in your bag and still have room....:P
  9. i like to keep my bag organized and with my coach checkbook wallet, wristlet and make up bag it stays that way for me. i just love my new possessions
  10. My bags are very neat...but in general I'm a neat person. I crave organization.

    I keep my Kindle in its Borsa Bella Bag. My wallet, obviously, keeps my money and cards organized. I have a small cosmetic pouch for my chap-stick and gloss. I also keep a larger cosmetic pouch for the medicine I carry with me.
  11. the inside of my handbags are organized. i use makeup bags (one is for pencil/makeup tools and the other is a regular size). in the smaller one, i put all my business cards/coupons.

    in the other, i have stamps, a mirror, lipgloss, kleenex, my checkbook, other random stuff.

    then i have my skinny mini wallet.

    it makes it easier to switch bags. all i do is remove both cases and my wallet and i'm ready to go.
  12. Thats my problem...Everything has a place, and if its not in its place, then I cannot function,lol.....I'am Very organized, thats why I wanted to get some extra ideas for organizing my bag....Alot of the ladie's and gents have some good ideas....:graucho:
  13. I normally have 3... Wallet, Large wristlet and Small wristlet...
  14. I don't use wristlets, only because I have only one and it's a capacity. I do however have my medium wallet, two mini skinnies, my kisslock coin purse. My Coach sunnies also have their own case. So yeah, I keep my purse pretty neat.
  15. Right now I'm using a smaller bag so I tend to keep it neater. It's funny how that happens. :smile: