How my Marc Jacobs addiction started:

  1. A Different post but thought I'd share.
    Back in 2004/2005 I was planning a wedding and was using a chat board similar to this one (the knot).
    I was speaking to a girl who worked in NYC named Jillian - who to meet in person - at a Fortunoffs event - and I noticed her BEAUTIFUL bag. At the time, all I wore was Coach and I had a burberry - I wasn't into bags at all.
    We exchanged information and when I asked her the name of her bag she said - Marc Jacobs Stella in Washed Rose. I started researching the bags and couldn't believe the price. At this point I had never paid more than $300 for a bag. I decided I had to have a Marc Jacobs bag before I got married. So, I picked up my Oatmeal Stella on eBay - paid about $720 for it back in 2004 - and fell in love - with the buckles the leather the whole package. The first time I wore it was on a trip to a casino in CT - I felt SO good wearing my Stella - like a celebrity or something.
    I held onto it so tight - I thought someone would steal it from me hehhehe - Since then, I now have a total of 8 Marc Jacobs bags - and other designers - which I never would spend this much money on. I took a break after my Stella. One day while in Bloomingdales I saw an off white Venetia (had red suede inside and red stitching) on sale for $400 and I snatched it up so rekindled my MJ obsession - and once I joined this purseforum - it definitely got out of control - mainly with Marc Jacobs - and Kooba (discovering sample sales - which I never attending but finally went to one and brought home 10 bags :push:smile:.
  2. 10 Koobas?!? WOW!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Not sure how I got into MJs... I think I saw a coworker with the black MP and loved the way it looked. I got the small black MP, and was satisfied for a while with it, until I saw two other coworkers with anouks. Then I went bagcrazy. LOL...
  3. I'm not sure how my MJ addiction started also. I think I was at Saks and I came across a black anouk that had leather to die for. I couldn't afford any MJ's back then and wouldn't have dreamed that I would be blessed to have "more than just a few" now:blush:
  4. I saw a girl on campus in Los Angeles with a black MP (possibly Venetia ) and fell in love when I was 18
  5. I saw the 'Daria' one day on eBay...and then googled it to research to see if it was 'real'..I knew MJ was a designer..I just never had seen any of his the process I stumbled on the PF....and it was ALL OVER after that!!!!!! :p
  6. My obsession with MJ started after being on the fashion board on makeupalley. I didn't know anything about Marc Jacobs before then and after seeing all the pictues of the beautiful bags the girls would purchase I knew I had to have one. My first was a dark indigo pocket satchel from Off 5th in Fall 2005 I think. Now I have 8 bags, 1 zip clutch, a cosmetic case, and a key pouch. Yikes! But I love them.
  7. Great thread lovekoobabags!

    My MJ obsession started with the pushlocks! I fell in love with an MP with silver HW and I wanted it so badly but I couldn't afford it!

    Then, when I splurged and got an Elise last fall, I was hooked! Since then I've collected four bags and a ZC, and I love them all oh so much! I've also started shopping the MbMJ collection for clothes and shoes!

    I guess my screen name says it all...I'm a MARC LOVER!!
  8. Oh, and one more thing...

    I wish my addiction had started earlier because some of the older designs: anouk, cammie, stella, sophia, daria, etc. are my faves! I wish he still made them!
  9. Marclover, I share your pain. I fell in love with the hardware when I saw photos in magazines. My first MJ purchase was a full-price black Stella with nickel hardware. I SWORE that was going to be my last handbag purchase ever!!! Well, needless to say that now I know nickel hardware is becoming obsolete, I've been on a buying frenzy! My sincere thanks to every tPF member who has provided me with an invaluable education on MJ bags!
  10. I just picked up my first marc jacobs bag, a denim multipocket from a Nordie's rack - I'll let you know what I think when I receive it!! I can't wait!
  11. I just happened upon this thread and thought it would be interesting if other members told their stories about how they got addicted to MJ bags. :tup:

    My story:
    My bff got me addicted just this past November. She asked me what Marc Jacobs bag I would want and after doing research and browsing through tons of dept store links, I fell in :heart: with the Ivory Patchwork Venetia :love: It knocked my socks off. She helped me get that one at a great deal. From my first inhale of the rich, deep aroma of leather I was hooked. Shortly after, I was obsessed with my quest to find a Bordeaux Blake (which I did find), which led to my impulsive purchase of a maroon long wallet off eBay. Just recently I scored a black soft calf zc and dark grey Eugenie from the NM Buy Two event. I've also unsuccessfully attempted to win so many other bags from Ebay. :sad:

    How about you?? How did you get hooked?
  12. Last October (07) I was looking for the perfect black purse. I could not describe it, other than it would be a hand bag with classic lines. My co-worker forwarded me a link to my first baby, a Venetia. I had never thought of MJ, neither seen this bag - but when I saw it I KNEW that it was the one. Upon receipt I looked at all of its features against the Vogue1966 page to confirm that it was real and it was.

    BUT, my baby's zipper broke while in the checkout line at Wegmans. I was so sad and embarassed. I found tPF searching for repair options. So of course I had to find another, and another and another to hold me over while it was in repair. Let me just say, I am very happy with MJ and broke from the experience/obsession. :love:

  13. Wow good thread! I don't think their was a definitive moment when I thought wow I need those bags. When I first started collecting purses, I had Coach,Kate Spade, just got into Louis Vuitton and Dior..but I always loved those push locks on the MJ bags. I was determined to have something with his pushlocks. Well, I never thought much of it, just assumed I'd never get anything like that. Well, when the MP first opened up, I was determined to skim through the listings and find one, and I did! A gorgeous Almond Susanah with big push lock pockets and gorgeous turquoise suede lining. I still am absolutely in love with it. Thinking back to the day when I thought I'd never have one, to currently having six and the zip clutch, it just amazes me!
  14. Great thread! It's good to know that I am normal with this MJ addiction.

    I can't recall the first time I saw an MJ but it was a long time between the first time I wanted one and the first time I actually got one. Occasionally, I would go to NM and admire the MJ bags. Finally, for our anniversary, my DH bought me my first MJ (in 2006). He got me a Venetia but I exchanged it for a Blake. For a while I was satisfied with having only my black Blake. Then I joined tPF and started learning about all these good thing you know, I own 8 MJ's and 3 ZC's...
  15. I was in New York on a Sex in the City bus tour and the guide had a Marc Jacobs venetia and I was in love!! But I just had been to the Coach store and had gotten a bag and my Mom said I had to keep it! And that was that for almost a year, then I saw a lady with one at a Coach outlet in Boone NC and that was it I had to have one!!! Found out about the store on Mercer and met Gabby over the phone for the first time.From there it was love:heart::love::heart:MJ and all things MJ!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE!!!