How my love wedding band was shipped

I’m not even sure why I buy remote and don’t wait to go to an actual Cartier store, but this is how my love wedding band arrived when I opened the package. Outside of the box! Ugh. View attachment 6001788View attachment 6001789
That is disgraceful and such poor shipping. I hope you called customer service and told them you want a new one! Unacceptable. Sorry you got your ring shipped like this!
First the $13 earrings, then @jnea’s misaligned engraving, and now this? This feels like a sad joke. I would send these photos to customer service and let them know you’d like to exchange (or return, whichever you prefer). This is totally unacceptable. As much as I love Cartier, they simply can’t keep treating their customers this way.
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WOW, that must've been a wild ride tbh lol
Usually the pieces are fastened very securely, even the screwdriver is so it can't bump into the bangle.
I can’t imagine how it would have gotten out of the first box and wedged into the second. Everything was packed pretty tight. It honestly seemed like whoever packed it up must have packed it that way and was negligent.
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That’s nice you’ve come to a “closure”. Enjoy the new ring!

For me, I always take a video when I receive any parcel; in case of dispute. It has become a natural to me. This reminds me I have so many videos i need to delete them! (Too much online shopping).
I took a video after I opened but this is a good idea to video the complete process. But yeah, I want to enjoy the ring and put it behind me!